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Magellan Color Meridian For Sale

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I have one new in the box never opened Magellan Color Meridian for sale.

I am asking $275.00 plus shipping.

I also have 1 used 128 meg SD memory chip for sale,if you want it also I will take $35 for the memory chip. It is guaranteed to work.

If you are a non paying member, and not a premium member already here at Groundspeak, I will knock $30 off the GPS if you join and become a premium member for one year. The only catch is you must have been a non paying member before this sale was offered by me.Tell me your alias so I can verify that you are not a premium member already. Then after I verify this, you must become a premium member and once I see your status has changed, I will take $245 for the Color Meridian. You will need to do this with Paypal to take advantage of my offer, so it will be quicker and easier to verify. This is NOT a promotion from Groundspeak, but my way of trying to promote Groundspeak and saying, "Thanks". If you are already a premium member I will knock off $15.00 of the price of the GPS. I hope I didnt confuse you with this offer, but if I did confuse you, and you have a better way of proving to me you just joined I am all ears. Remember to verify with me that you are the buyer first before you join Groundspeak. Premium Membership at Groundspeak is $30 for one year. Please no sock puppet accounts just starting up. I prefer someone that has been a non paying member for awhile and wants to join, but just needs an incentive.

I take paypal and COD. (COD is extra)

Email me at:rodneymoore@mindspring.com

Here is a link too the specs on the unit.




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I have lowered the price on this unit, and I will not be able to offer the Groundspeak membership fee with new price or a price reduction for already being a member. I am Sorry if this causes a problem for anyone.


The New price on the Magellan Color Meridian is $235.00 plus shipping.


I take Paypal and COD (COD is extra).

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nery nice unit for the right price. saddly you don't want to ship overseas..

Its not that I dont want to, its just that I am afraid that if the unit did have a problem, I would feel obligated to take the unit back. It runs about a $35 minimum (estimate)to ship to Europe, and then if you had a problem a minimum of $35 (estimate) to come back to the USA. I just don't want to get into a situation that could damage my reputation here or cost me alot of money. Sorry for the inconvience of not shipping overseas.

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Man! You are to nice to survive in this cruel world :lol:. As a rule of thumb with overseas shipping the buyer pays all shipping costs, even if the unit itself has problems. I occasionally buy stiff on e-bay and it always the case. Taking into account price differences (stuff I’m buying usually around 2 times more expensive in my home country even taking into account shipping cost and bribes for customs officers :lol:.


Anyway, I think I’m getting my GPS form one guy from e-bay (final stage of negotiation :lol:.


P.S. still you have best prices I ever saw :lol:

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