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geocache waypoints?


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This is simply a unique identifier for the cache (and is short enough to be programmed into most GPS's). It has nothing to do with the actual coordinates of the cache...it is assigned automatically when the cache information is submitted to the website.



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Originally posted by SpongeRob:

Has there been any word on what happens when we reach GCZZZZ ? The current rate of new geocachers and caches what happens in another year (or so) when we run out?

Huh? You're using goofy math, aren't you.


GC.com isn't really using base-36... some letters were omitted so that words couldn't be spelled. It's really something like base-30, but I can't remember exactly.


Anyway, assuming base-30, that leaves room for 810,000 caches. Right now there are less than 100,000. We're not going to run out of numbers within a year.



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