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Magellan Sportrak Map Fs!

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Just gotmyself a nice new MeriPlat and will probably pass on my Magellan Map. It's less than 3 months old and in good shape. I will be honest and say that it does have some very faint lines around the screws, which anyone who reads the forums knows that this is common with SporTrak's. It is not cracking yet, and may not? If it does, you can still return it to Magellan for warranty repair, and they usually give you some nice freebies.


This guy has led me through all but two of my 86 finds, and it works very well. Great beginner GPS, and has mapping capability too. I have the cable for it and will provide the documentation on CD-ROM (I'm not sure where I put the original printed docs, but will include if I find them). I will also load up maps of your region using Streets & Destinations 4.0 if you want me to.


I'm not going to list a price at this point, but please make offers. I have to determine if the offers I receive are worth giving it up. It may just stick around as a backup.



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I just sold my SporTrak Map a couple months ago, and got 150 for it. This is what you gotta do... :mad:


Send it in to Magellan, and get the cracks fixed. They put a new case on it, so it comes back looking BRAND NEW. They will usually send you a car mount also. I sold mine as used, with the data cable, packaged in the box as I originally bought it, and everything was in mint condition. As long as you get it fixed up, and it looks brand new, toss in all the extras you don't need, and it will really add to the value. I use my MeriGold now, and don't miss my SporTrak Map one bit. I do have a 315 though, as a backup, if something happens to my merigold.

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