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Advice on buying a GPS

Fushi Cho & Co.

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You can't go wrong with the eTrex. It's a very good basic unit. Never heard of Fortuna. Personally, I'd stick with the name brand and Garmin is a good one.


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I recently bought the eTrex "Yellow", it's good enough for what I do. My friend bought the more expensive model (eTrex vista) with maps and all the cool gadgets. I played with the vista and the only thing that I really like over my cheaper Yellow GPS was the screen resolution, If your going to use your GPS for car navigation I suggest a model with street maps.





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I didn't want to commit to spending much money until I found some caches, so I bought a gekko and have been pretty happy with it. It's really small and it has probably 80% of the functionality of the yellow.


The problem is that caches tend to 'cluster' in areas and it's nice to be able to load in, say, 10 sets of coordinates automatically via the PC link rather than have to tap them in by hand. I could do that if I had shelled out for the Legend or the yellow, and I probably will sooner or later.


The more obsessive cachers tend to just load in their whole home range and go looking for them on a whim. You should ignore those people -- they're already around the bend.

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For what it's worth, I like my eTrex Legend & a magnetic compass for close-to-the-cache searching.


The Legend is a nice halfway betwixt the lower end eTrex units and the eTrex Vista. The Vista has an electronic compass & something else that was supposedly useful, but the extra 16MB RAM & other goodies didn't justify the price for me.


Good luck!



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After much research on both the Magellan and Garmin products, I decided on Garmin due to it's small size and light weight units as well as their exceptional customer service.


I debated between the eTrex Legend and Vista (i wanted mapping) and finally got the Legend. I decided that the 8meg memory limit for maps was more than adequate for my area (I can fit the whole state of MA topo maps in it) and had no need for the electronic compass or altimeter.


Buy a unit based on your needs and spend the money to go with a reputable company. You'll get many recommendations here, but go with what fits your GPS goals.

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Originally posted by Fushi:

Don't know how to do this but thanks to everyone who's post replies.

I've gone for the Etrax basic Yellow unit.

All I want it for is locating Caches - Does that sound Bourgeious


You can't get more bourgeious than that icon_biggrin.gif. I think you'll be happy with the Etrex. I have the close cousin to the Etrex, Emap. I'm very happy with it. It's got maps and PC link. I'm not sure about magnetic compass, and I'm not sure I'd know how to use it if I did icon_wink.gif Guess I have something else to learn now. icon_rolleyes.gif


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I dont think that the eTrex "yellow" has a data cable plug in. And that could be a big drawback unless you want to enter all the cords. by hand.


I would personaly by a geko 201 (like in the picture next to my name) for about 10 dollars more you get a smaller unit with more features.

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