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Travel Bug Reaches It Goal

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You must to talking about "Be Mine, Great Grandma!" (http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=45892) because that's the only one in that you're holding.


If they don't have further plans for it, then they could (post a note on it and) mark it as missing (move to "unknown location") or grab it back from you.


Have you asked the owner what they want to do with it? Have it mailed back to them? Have it work its way somewhere else?

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If you truely want it off your inventory there are two options.


1. Allow someone to adopt it. If you don't have anyone in mind post an adoption request notice to this forum and it will be snapped right up. Then your profile page will show a reduction of one tb.


2. If you want to hang it on your wall as a memento you can request that it be deactivated. Send a request to Groundspeak along with the TB tracking numbers and they will put it to bed for you.


Edit: to add that I thought this was YOUR bug. But now I see it is someone else's and that you are the one who completed its goal. Did you physically put it in a cache or are you holding it? Or did you hand it to a non-caching recipient?


In either case, as stated by others, the travel bug owner should contact gc.com to request one of the above or:


3. Give it new instructions and circulate it again.


If the owner is non-responsive and you do not physically have the bug than you can place it in the tb graveyard and that will get it off your inventory.

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