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De Reisgenoten

Maps For Midwest Area For Ozice On Pocketpc

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Hi all,


As Dutch geocachers we will go to the USA for our holiday next summer. We will travel from Denver to Badlands, to Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, Zion NP, and back to Denver (well, this is our route more or less :bad: ).


Of course we want to find some caches during our holiday, using our Ipaq PocketPC with a Bluetooth GPS and using the program OziCe.


Could somebody suggest which digital maps we could use for geocaching in this area? What kind of scale?

And how and where we could get these digital maps?


Thanx, De Reisgenoten

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The areas you've suggested aren't REALLY the midwest, but I'll take a stab at some of the online stuff.


If you have Expert GPS, you're in luck. There's a feature that will plot multiple waypoints in the US on either topographical maps or satellite images. It grabs the images online and downloads them to the hard drive. You can scroll and pan and all kinds of cool things.


For the cheap people (like me), you can use lostoutdoors.com. It does the same thing - displays multiple coordinates on a single topographical map and/or satellite image of the area. They are scalable to three resolutions and three sizes of maps.


For the topo maps on Lostoutdoors.com, at the 8m/pixel resolution, the system is using the 1:50000 topo maps. For 2m/pixel and 4m/pixel, it uses 1:24000 (or 25000) maps. You can also get these online at Topozone.com, but I'm not sure it does multiple waypoint plotting.


Hope this helps.

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