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Golden Horseshoe Stats

Keith Watson
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I am not on the list, what is the criteria for being added ? Not much of a rankings page if you start getting selective about who can or cannot be listed.

You need to log on as a user to the Golden Horseshoe geocaching web site, then you will be added to the list automatically I think, and you can update your own stats then.


For a complete list of Ontario geocaching, you can go here http://ca.geocities.com/geocachingcanada/ogastats.html It only includes users with over 100 finds, but I am thinking of adding others who want to be on the list too or who seem to be very active too (If I have missed any names, please let me know). You are currently in 69th place in Ontario(I have to bump you up a couple spots still).

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Nice Work, but the system shouldn't require any intervention to display properly. If you have to manually jig the thing to make it work then sooner or later it will fail.


But, it is much more useful than the GHS. The area defined is much too small, A Canadian Listing, I find anyway, is much more useful.


Nice Work


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On my Ontario list, once I have the users added, the only thing I have to do is to reorder the rows by simply cutting and pasting the rows into the correct position, which is pretty quick and easy. With the Golden Horseshoe, either the users or myself have to update the numbers, but then it is ordered automatically. So they both have their advantages and are fairly easy to update. Also, with my Ontario list I would like to include only people LIVING in Ontario, and not out of province people who have just found a handful in Ontario.


Yes It would be nice to have a Canada list too. Right now I also made a list of international users over 500, which includes the top Canadians too...see link in signature area below.


I am open to suggestions on how to improve the stats lists on my web site. I was thinking of changing the "Lets Go Geocaching" text to be the date that the user become a gc.com member on.

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No disrespect to Americans intended. If you look at the top of the web page it actually says "Top Non-American Geocachers". I primarily made the list for my own interest sake and curiousity, but thought others might be interested in seeing it too, and since all the top cachers are in the USA, I really wasn't interested in their stats and certainly didn't want to have to maintain a list of an additional 1000 or so cachers...probably more and didn't see a benefit in seeing the top 200-300 people listed from the USA (as we already know that the USA has all of the top geocachers). The USA is definately the prominent country in Geocaching with 75% of caches hidden in the USA compared to the rest of the world. I've already seen someone else try to manually maintain a top cachers list (I'll try and find the link if you are truely interested), so I didn't think there was a point in me duplicating that with American users.


Also, International Stats fits nicely into the button graphic where as Top Non-American Stats was just a little too long...I did try when first adding this to my web site.

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I don't see how you could call it an international list if you exclude the United States, give them thier due, don't exclude them and then dare to name your list "international"


Really don't know what that is supposed to accomplish


International does not me every nation and definatly doesn't mean include the United States. It simply means two or more nations, any two. So we could include Canada and Luxemburg and call it International. Hey our local airport just changed it's name to Waterloo Regional International Airport because Northwest will start flights to Detroit in June.


From Dictionary.com


International - Of, relating to, or involving two or more nations.

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I created the stats list on the Stats Page for local cachers. This is not an International, National, or Ontario listing. It is ment for us cachers in the Golden Horseshoe Area. If you wish to be on a list then please by all means find a list that is appropriate for you to be on.


As for intervention to display properly, gc.com does not provide tha ability to obtain this type of information. There for we requires the help from volenteers to help with this. res2100 has kindly agrreed to help when he has time, but some users have found it no problem using the stats.


I am not running this page for people who care for nothing more than showing off how many cahces they have found. This is not a competition.

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