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Web site that will plot multiple coordinates?


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At home, I have MapSource, etc. that I can (supposedly) upload the Waypoints from my GPS and see them superimposed on a map. I uploaded the Waypoints using EasyGPS, based on .LOC files downloaded here.


Is there any web site that will allow me to type in latitude/longitude and "mark" multiple spots so I can see where they are in relation to one another? I really doubt it but thought I'd ask anyway.

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Originally posted by Stunod:

If your points are fairly close together, try the mapmaker at http://www.lostoutdoors.com. After entering your first point and displaying the map, there will be prompts to add additional points.

Actually, you can upload waypoints from your GPS to LostOutdoors - no need to type them in. It currently only works with MS Internet Exploder, er, Explorer.



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