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I'm Hearing Alot About The 60c And 60cs


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I'm thinking about getting a new gps and I'm leaning towards either a 60c or 60cs. My question is this I read about the troubles some people are having with these units. I'm intersted to hear from some people who have them what they think good bad or otherwise. I use a Legend now but would like to upgrade but I'm not sure when I read about the problems people are having. I was mostly wondering if it would be better to wait a few months until the bugs get worked out. Thanks for any help.

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I opted for the 60c, upgraded from a 76s. Found 50 caches with the 76s. It had both compass and altimeter, never used either. I always carry a manual compass. The 60c locks on fast, has easy to use menus, has more memory and loads maps very quickly with usb. So far I'm very happy with the 60c. I've seen some comments about glitches in the unit but have not experienced any myself. :D

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I have had my CS now for about three weeks. I have really loved it. The only problems I have had is a lockup when using the auto-route feature. This has only happened three times now after using about 50 times so I am not worried about it. As far as a fix for it I am sure it will come with one of the updates that you get off the internet. Nothing I don't think you would have to send it to repair. As far as other problems I have been watching for problems and I really don't know of any with the GPS unit itself. I have read of some problems using the map products and cable connections but not nothing really of the unit itself. I am very happy and I don't think Garmin will change the design of the unit only software updates. Personnaly I don't think waiting will gain you nothing. I remember when I bought my Vista a couple of years ago. When I got it there was three updates available for it already.


Just my opinion for whatever it is worth.



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The problems seem to be when the unit is used in conjunction with City Select software and auto routeing. I use Mapsource MetroGuide USA version 5 and have no problems. Don't worry firmware revision will be out in the near future to stop all the bugs. I love my 60CS. The color of the plastic housing on the 60C turns me off.

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So far the weather has kept me indoors. I've used it to do 2 maintanance trips to my own caches and in the car. It apears to have much better battery life than the 76s. One of the caches I maintained is under heavy tree cover. I had good reception with WAAS turned on and had an error estimate of 10 feet. In the car the average estimate veries between 10 and 20 feet most of the time. I have a heat condition that makes me cold all the time. I'm waiting on the warmer spring weather to venture out.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm really leaning toward one of these. I was hesitant because of the posts I saw about the problems with them. I work with electronics and I know that there are usually growing pains with new products. I was just concerned it might be more than a firmware issue.

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I got my 60CS (my first GPSr) a couple of weeks ago, and I've had a great experience so far. I haven't had any lockups, and I'm using MapSource CitySelect v5. We've found several caches with it, and it's been quite accurate for us when we're searching.

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I upgraded from a Vista. So far I really like the unit. It has some learning curve such as going to the calendar or all waypoints to find found geocaches. I like the geocaching mode and it amazes me everytime I turn it on to see how fast it aquires. The color screen is much easier to read. I don't know that it makes me a better cacher than the Vista but I sure look good. :D

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I don't know that I'd be overly concerned with the 'lock-up's'. As someone who has the unit, and is having lock-up issues, I still LIKE it, and don't know that I would trade it for anything else at this point (a color V... yeah, one of those if they were more reality than dream!)


I've had the new unit for 3 weeks (I had the old unit for about a month and a half before it went TU and Garmin replaced it for me) and put close to 2200 miles on it. It's locked up 3 times that I remember very clearly (all due to autorouting issues ONLY) and while I know it's locked up a couple OTHER times (also autorouting) I am holding out hope it's only a firmware issue.


We'll see.


It's a beautiful unit - I think it streamlines a number of things that are particularly helpful to cachers (marking caches as found, marking waypoints, the calendar feature is interesting, altho, I haven't figured out how to make it REALLY useful, etc.) The screen is fab. The battery life is awesome.


Blah blah blah.


All the same stuff you already know.


Find someone locally who has one and see if you can go caching with them some day. I went out with a group a couple of weeks ago - one guy forgot his GPSr so I let him use my 60 while I used my V. I expect to see him with one anytime now!





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I absolutely love my 60CS. It is lightning fast compared to my GPS V and I really enjoy having the ability to store 1000 waypoints and 10,000 trackpoints. USB map transfer is a very welcome addition, too - I don't have to set aside an hour for map upload prior to going on a trip. Now it just takes 3 minutes. Plus, there's the color, the increased map memory, the improved UI, the ability to load tide stations, etc., etc., etc. I am one happy customer! The one shortcoming is that it is not quite as good for driving as the V is due to the lack of ability to rotate the screen, but I'm finding that much of that is simply a matter of getting used to it.


I did have one small problem with the unit, and that was on the first day. I was just starting out on a 300 mile trip and driving through an area of new roads not on the map (City Select 5). The unit went to recalculate and ended up just spinning its gears without arriving at a route. It didn't lock up, but there was clearly something wrong. I was able to turn it on and off and after countless autoroutes and almost 2000 miles on the odometer, I have seen no other hiccoughs.

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I sold my 60c and bought the cs with sensors. The compass is a BIG help when your close to a cache.


Without the compass, I would find that the cache "jumps" around on my screen because it mathematically calculates direction of travel. I had to put the GPS aside when I stopped walking (close to cache) because you have to be moving for the pointer to work. Hated that.


Now I can stand still and it will point towards the cache.


As far as the problems some people are having, it's probably software glitches that will be fixed over time with updates so I'm not worried. Generally, we only hear when things go wrong. Ex. "My 60c froze while calculating a route". Nobody poststhe tens of thousands of "My 60c didn't freeze when calculating a route"


For non caching adventures, the sensors are probably not a big deal. But when your locating something hidden, the compass will keep you sane.

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www.getfeetwet.com is a great place to buy a Garmin 60cs


They provide a free extended waranty, Garmin's is one year, they make it two years. And I believe the 60c is around 370 and the cs is 415 or so.


If you order by March 25th, and type PREORDER in the discount box, you get a additional 20$ off, lots of shipping options also, I got 2 day air for 15$.


Highly Recommended- both the unit and the store.

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I use a Legend now but would like to upgrade but I'm not sure when I read about the problems people are having.

I've been using my 60C for only a couple of weeks and a dozen or so caches over a 150+ mile route and I absolutely love it!


I would mention one little ergonomic quirk that I don't care for however, and that is the lanyard. The one that comes with the unit is too small to go over your head so you can't wear the receiver around your neck - which is where I like to have mine when I'm caching. I traded with the lanyard on my yellow eTrex and now I'm happy except that the lanyard attachment point on the receiver case seems like an afterthought because when the GPSR is on the lanyard, it hangs antenna side up and at a goofy angle. It's probably a highly-engineered Garmin feature that greatly improves signal reception when hanging around one's neck. I guess I'm too used to the symmetry of the way my Yellow and Legend eTrex hang.


I know, I know - that's about as trivial and insignificant of an item that a person could possibly think of, but I like my unit so much that's all I could come up with. :D

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I've had the 60CS for a couple weeks now and absolutely love it. I've used it for both geocaching and auto routing and have had no problems/lockups. I had the Vista before and am used to that compass when I get near to a cache. I wouldn't want to do without it.


I highly recommend it! :D

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I've had my 60cs for a week now. I absolutely love it! So far I've used it to find 3 caches. I have City Select NA V5 with it and have used it to calculate (and re-calculate) several routes a day each day that I've had it. I have never seen any lock-up problems with it. I just love this auto-routing stuff. It is too cool!


I too ordered mine through www.getfeetwet.com. The service was prompt and great. I'd recommend them. Plus they have one of the best prices around, especially if you look at their bundle which includes the 60cs and auto nav package.



There is only one thing I'd change on the 60cs. I really miss the expandable memory option that my Meridian has. The 50-some megs of memory on the 60cs just isn't big enough in my opinion. I'm toying with the idea of getting a 76cs when they become available, just for the extra memory.

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I also have a 60C, and think it's the bees knees. The cat's pajamas. 23-skiddoo.


My thoughts on it:


* The screen is very bright IF you have it at just the right angle to the sun. Otherwise, it can be fairly dim (although you can always turn on the backlight a little).


* The extra memory is a Godsend. I have both the MetroGuide v4 (with autorouting) and Topo maps loaded, and turn them on or off as needed.


* My unit has yet to lockup. If it does, I have no doubt that Garmin will fix it in the next firmware release (Garmin is great about those releases... they're always adding new features).


* If anyone who is seriously into caching can afford it, I don't think there is any other unit worth getting. Jeremy did a pre-release review and agreed that it was the best "Jack-of-all-trades" unit. What kind of a fool would disagree with our Fearless Leader? :D

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I love mine (60CS) and agree the lockup "issues" are just occasional kinks in the early versions of the software. Mine has locked up a few times, but it doesn't make me dislike the unit. My computer locks up a heck of a lot more often! :bad:


The battery life is incredible and the screen is great. The antenna seems very good. All in all, it's everything I expected, and I expected a LOT.

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I find my 60C is eggselent to halve on hand, a grate unit, butt eye had two go threw a bunch of units, b4 eye got the 60C.


Magellan 4000XL 12 Channel


Garmin GPS III




Magellan GPS315

Meridian Platinum (Best cache seeking device I ever had, but sold)

another GPS V

GPS map 76S

Then now the 60C

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Got my CS a few weeks ago and have used it for hiking, biking, skiing, and auto-routing. Works great! The elevation profile info is pretty cool to check out but I haven't used the compass too often. Maybe if I start caching.


There is a new firmware release available at the Garmin site. here


Addresses some of the problems people are seeing.



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Just buy one!


I have been really impressed with mine.


The satellite receiver appears to work better than my Rino 120


The Autorouting with City Select is totally awesome!


And the Topo maps work great in the outdoors.


I have only had mine lock up twice, when it lost reception and was trying to recalculate a route. Not a big issue with me.


I would buy two of them if I could think of a good reason!


Just do it!

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$30-40 more for the sensors. Now I get to watch my friends walk back and forth "slowly" trying to get that darn pointer to work on their non-sensor GPS!

There's an additional "cost" that makes a much bigger difference to me: 50% longer battery life on the units without compass/barometer. Financially I'd get the 60cs over the 60c but battery life is important to me in the field.

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I didn't notice what GPS you wanted to upgrade from. Are you sure that's the way to go? I have a Vista and was going to upgrade to a 60cs. But for the money I'd spend on a 60cs I got a PPC with navigating software, 24K quad topo maps and use it for paperless caching and for business too as an organizer for appts., calender, contacts, TO DO's etc. You can use it for email, WIFI, Bluetooth, games, etc. I still have my Vista for in the woods use. It seems to be a combo I'm really getting to like.


With the PPC you don't need a lot a memory anymore for your GPS since the road stuff is in the PPC with complete voice auto-navigation.


Just another option you might consider.


Good luck



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$30-40 more for the sensors.  Now I get to watch my friends walk back and forth "slowly" trying to get that darn pointer to work on their non-sensor GPS!


$40 is less than a tank of gas for me :rolleyes: I'll try and keep my accelerator off the floor to save money.

Don't forget the CS has a vertical trip computer. The C won't give any of that which I like.


My 76S use to jump around when you stopped. I notice the CS doesn't. I like that.


I get 8 hours on a set of 2200 Maha PowerEX easy with my 76S in below freezing temps. I don't think battery life is an issue with CS.

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Glad you like your new PPC. :rolleyes: I use Mapopolis on mine as well.


That being said, there's something nice about having ONE unit to do the routing and waypoint uploads instead of hooking up a GPS to the iPaq each time you get in the car and need auto-routing. I used the auto-routing on my CS yesterday and it's pretty slick. Works as well as Mapopolis (I keep it turned down so don't use the voice prompts much anyway).


Anyway, whatever works for people is what they should use. :lol:

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Kablooey: I have a CF GPS that plugs into the PPC so I have a choice as to what GPS to use.


Are you creating Maplets through GSAK and GPXSONAR for Mapopolis? It makes it really pretty easy. That way all the caches for 100 miles around are in my PPC so I can check the cache web pages paperlesly. Then I select which ones I want and then route all through the PPC. I don't think you can do paperless caching with the 60.


I download all the same waypoints into my VIsta again using GSAK for on the trail use to the cache.


Again, the other uses for business, games, Bluetoth, WiFI, etc is what makes the PPC attractive, at least to me. It's just something I wasn't thinking about until my old organizer crapped out.



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I use the GPXtoMaplet program to create the points in Mapopolis. :P And I also use a CF GPS card. Just nice to be able to use one unit for routing and cache finding. I've got a camping trip coming up this weekend, I'll see how well it works for a real outing!

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I got my 60CS (my first GPSr) a couple of weeks ago, and I've had a great experience so far. I haven't had any lockups, and I'm using MapSource CitySelect v5. We've found several caches with it, and it's been quite accurate for us when we're searching.

You mentioned you're using Metroguide 5.0? I thought only Metroguide 4.x did autorouting on the 60C/CS? Garmin's web site actually stated that Metroguide 5.0 was not suggested as a choice for this unit--probalby due to the lack of autorouting, although I suppose the maps upload just fine.


I am looking to upgrade my Vista to the CS, and I can't for the life of me figure out why Garmin took out autorouting capability in MG 5.0 when the 4.x series already had it, and it worked on the GPS-V, Street Pilot III, and the like.


Warm regards from,

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$30-40 more for the sensors.  Now I get to watch my friends walk back and forth "slowly" trying to get that darn pointer to work on their non-sensor GPS!

There's an additional "cost" that makes a much bigger difference to me: 50% longer battery life on the units without compass/barometer. Financially I'd get the 60cs over the 60c but battery life is important to me in the field.

So turn off the compass. Leave it off except for making spot readings (if you need to, as under heavy cover). The altimeter is passive, anyway, so that doesn't use much energy at all.


The biggest and most significant design is <pbly> in the color screen and new power management circuitry. I doubt that little electronic compass uses so much that it'll suck the power dry in minutes instead of hours.


Save for using the unit at night, and thus using the backlight, the backlight can remain off in the daytime, a significant factor when weighing varying factors of power useage.


Warm regards from,

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This is a dangerous forum to hangout on with a credit card nearby. Nothing like 20 GPS nuts to convince one how smart it is to spend $500+ on a new toy...well might as well get the cable and auto routing maps for the 60cs too?


My darned old Emap won't break, but it is getting hard to read and I'm going on a 20 mile overnighter next week and don't want to carry a bunch of extra heavy batteries. Ok, new toy easily justified:-)


Can't wait to watch the graph of all those up and down elevation changes.


Getfeetwet just happened to be a great deal and since it's in Los Angeles, my toy is going to get here real fast to give me time to figure it out!:-)


[edit] I just went out hiking and had a close encounter with a bobcat...strange, it "escorted" me through it's territory. Best reason yet to get a new 60cs...I entered a waypoint and my Emap said, "waypoint memory full"...perfect timing:-)




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