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Whats This Survey Marking?

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Found this on my way to waypoint: GC4CEF. Saw this marker and documented it but could not find it in benchmarks. Newbie on benchmarks so don't know to much about them. But funny seeing this in the middle of nowhere...


N 27 03.063

W 82 26.296


See photo: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?II...43a&LID=3236734


Text On marker (best I can make out):

Corps of Engineers-US Army Survey Mark

$350 Fine or Imprisonment For Disturbing this mark


Station Designation Agency

Year 67


If you know anything about this please let me know...

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I found this in the Alexandria, La. area and I know nothing about it or how to log it. It is a small metal disk mounted on a steel post about 10 inches off the ground. It was way out in the woods where I don't think many folks go. It has stamped on it:



S17 l S16

1010.35 S of NW corridor

Sec 16



Spankster :rolleyes:

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Land in the US is divided up into townships and then into sections. The township for this mark is Township 3 North of the LA Baseline and Range 2 West of the LA Meridian. A township is made up of 6 x 6 sections, each a square mile. This is probably a marker for a corner of Section 16. The Louisana Initial Point, where the meridian and baseline meet are in Cocodrie Lake near I-49 and US 167 exit.

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PLSS,Public Land Survey System.


You can also calculate its position thusly,


Township 3 North 3X6= 18 miles North of the Baseline.

Range 2 West 2X6 =12 miles West of the Initial piont.

WC = witness corner,Section 17,Section 16,

1010.35 feet south of the Northwest corner of section 16.

RLS= Registered Licensed Surveyor

1980 year surveyed.

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It should also be added that it is the southeast corner of Township 3 North, Range 2 West that is located 18 miles north and 12 miles east of the Louisana Initial Point. The position for the northwest corner of section 16 would be located an additional four miles north and four miles west of the southeast corner of the township, being 22 miles north and 16 miles east of the Louisana Initial Point.


- Kewaneh

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