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S32 33.38

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Add me to the list of geocachers from the other side of the world who is trying to contact an Aussie to complete a "locationless" cache called "Where's In A Name". My longitude line is S23 33.38'. If anyone in Australia can take a photo of himself/herself at any point along that longitudinal line, and then email me the photo, then we both can log this cache as a "find".

I'm from the U.S. - Texas.

Contact me by email through my user profile if you can help.

Thanks! :)

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hi bennet,


where are you exactly :):D


Is it S23 33.38'(as in the body of your message) or S32 33.38' (as in your topic heading) :rolleyes:


If it is the first, i may be able to help :tongue:


BTW i take it you are referring to our latitude not longitude..... :bad:





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And if it is the latter, I may be able to help. :tired:


So.. which is it!


Edit: ahh now I look at Bennets name and that makes the coordinates 23, not 32.

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Ive already emailed the guy and he has completed it already (never did find out which was the real coordinates though)

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