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Volunteers Needed Myrtle Beach, Sc


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Need a few Volunteers to help out with a Geocaching presentation in Myrtle Beach, SC for the attendees of the National Recreation and Park Association on March 31st at 3:00 for class room or 4:30 out in the field for cache hunting with the attendees


The presentation will be given by Geralyn.Hoey from Metro Nashville Parks systems that was the second park in the US to place there on geocaches. This would be a great chance to meet some of the local park officials in you area and help show them what a great sport this is.


Anyone interested please contact me at JoGPS@aol.com

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I just did a geocaching presentation for the Missouri Park and Recreation Expo on March 4th in Columbia, MO. One of the gentlemen attended an earlier session on "Technology within the parks" (GPS's and PDA's) and geocaching was mentioned in reference to the Whitecliff cache course in St. Louis. He attended my session to learn about geocaching and was very interested in setting up the same type of permanent cache in the new park they are developing in Blue Springs (suburb of Kansas City).

It's great that geocaching is being recognized as a legitimate sport/hobby and we're being asked to participate in their programs and included in their plans.


Keep up the good work!


Rich (RGS)

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