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Looking For Meridian Gold Or Platinum


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I’m looking for Magellan Meridian Gold or Magellan Meridian Platinum unit. It may be used, but not abused :). PC interface cable is the must.

Will pay up to 150$ + shipping on Gold

And up to 200$ + shipping on Platinum.


Will pay ONLY with PayPal. (if it matters I’m PayPal Verified)


Edit: to make things clear - I'm from Europe (some US sellers don't like it :)

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If you have a Big5 sporting goods store near you, you can get the Gold w/ 16mb card and Streets & Trips CD for about $220 after rebate. My store had it for $249 + tax and then after rebate is was $220 and change. Decent deal for a new in package unit that you can return to store if you have any problems. :)

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It's probably not that people don't want to get rid of their "old" stuff, it's that the Gold and Platinum are great GPS's. I have a Gold, and I like it a lot.


A comment on the Big 5: I'm sure it's just a fluke, but the Big 5 by my house has a SporTrak Yellow for 269, and a Meridian Gold for 533. It's so rediculous, I am thinking about telling them that you can get those on the internet for much more than half that price.

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Shopharmony is nice place with decent prices, but not for international buyers. Additional cost associated with it is way to high (in my case it is over 200$ cheapest option to get it to my door). Ok, it’s is still cheaper than 700$ for color in my home country anyway, thanks for suggestion :lol:

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why paypal is risky ? (if we are talking about non credit card transactions ?)

Because all an international buyer has to do is claim that they never got the item, or it was broken, not as advertised, etc. and Paypal will refund their money, take the money back from the merchant, or put a freeze on their account for 90 days (sucks if you keep money in there like some ebay sellers do.)


For US buyers, the only protection a seller has is if s/he ships with a trackable carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS + Delivery Confirmation) and ships to a Paypal verified address. Of course I would say that 75% of the payments that I get come from unverified addresses, so I could be screwed if someone said that I never sent something, or that I sent something damaged.



Pine Barrens Outdoor Outfitters

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I C. in US you have 25% more protection than outside :( and ofcoure ebay feedback system always give you idea about who you are dealing with :D


anyway I just got a deal on e-bay. so currently I not in the market for GPS anymore :D


P.S. thank you for your answer. it's always good to know what sellers think.

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