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Poor Newbie Question

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Greetings all! Newbie in GA, here's my question: I already have a HandSpring Visor PDA - is it possible and/ or advisable to find (or does anybody here have for sale) a GPS 'springboard (the Visor expansion slot)' module? I was hoping that it would be cheaper than buying a whole GPS unit...so far, Ebay seems to indicate that they are about the same.


or, from a different angle...


Anybody want to trade a good used GPS for a good used Handspring Visor? :) Please email or PM me.


Any thoughts on reasons NOT to use a PDA GPS (I already thought about/ heard of the dropping in water, but I will be starting small...)?


Thanks for the help!!!

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U R lucky :lol: if you look at e-bay you can find magellan hand springboard module for about 50$ or even mutch less :) about 1.5 years ago, when comp-usa was clearing them lots of people bouth this units free after rebate.


Can't comment on possibility to find maping software. general GPS software is availabe.Resons not to use PDA as GPS - battery life :) (oh well it's not that relevant for your PDA but still:)

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Sadly, my Ebay searching has turned up Magellans for Visor at roughly the same cost at the Yellow Etrex or the Magellan 310-315. Which begs the question, would I be better off with one of these handheld GPS's and leaving my Visor at home?


Still no takers on the Visor for handhelp GPS trade, huh? I have the box and original CD's and everything...



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in this case my opinion personal & subjective would be

a) if you need GPS for outdoors (hiking, mountain claibing etc.) get etex + good paper maps is best cheap solution.

:) if you need GPS for navigaton in "urban jungle" (cities, higways etc) better solution is PDA + gps

c) for geochaching bouth should serv well


P.S. take into account that resseler value peobably woulde behiher for etrex

P.P.S I currently don't own GPS (yet) but currently in the market for one :)

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I bought a Handspring Visor a few years ago with the same intention, to eventually buy a GPS module for it. I had the digital camera module, and I found that the color display on the Visor was almost useless in bright sunlight, so I decided against the GPS module for it.

I still use my visor as a pda and would be lost without it.

Cachemate is a great program and I use it for every cache.


Here's the link



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I use an HP Jornada with a Pharos GPS unit and Delorme XMap to route my way around town. It ain't worth a darn in bright sunlight either but it's great for what I use it for. Like everything else, you have to decide what you want to use it for. I use my etrex yellow outside the car for the walking or biking legs of the journey. Just figured I'd throw another option to ya. Nice wife, too. Trying to convince mine to agree with me on getting a Garmin GPS V.

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