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.loc File Download Problem?


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The last few times I've clicked on the link to download a .loc file for any geocaches the link has redirected me to the "Downloading Location Files" page.

It assures me that I have read and understood the terms and conditions, which I do again anyway.

Just a week ago I clicked and downloaded two .loc files without error. I'm using EasyGPS as my interface software, and Mozilla as a browser. I've rechecked that the settings for helper applications in the Mozilla preferences is correctly set to open EasyGPS with loc-xms . Also get the same problem when I try with Internet Explorer (v6)


Is there a known issue with this function at the moment?


Thanks in advance!

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The download link goes to the old *.asp page, which thinks you are logged out. Logging back in is a temporary fix, but I'm working on changing it so you don't have this problem. If all goes well it will be fixed today.

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