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Amplified Gps Antenna

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I bought an amplified GPS antenna for my Garmin GPS V awhile ago from eBay and it works really good. And it is not one manufactured by Garmin, it is made by Gilsson Technologies. But when I am using the hard plastic antenna that came with the V it doesn't really work well in terms of picking a number of satelites and the accuracy. I am just wondering if I can damage my GPS by using the amplified antenna compared to the regular one.

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You can't damage your V with a passive "amplified" antenna. The antenna you are referring to sounds like it does not provide it's own power. It's more of a sensitivity thing with passive antennas, it's just more sensitive than the OEM antenna. That combined with the placement (on the roof, etc) provide the extra reception.. The "amplified" part is almost a word to sell their product.


There are active amplified antennas that provide it's own power source (12v auto or batteries). Those are truly amplified antennas and pull in signals like you would not believe.

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The amplified antenna I got for my V is truly a powered amplifier. The power comes from the BNC connector the orginal antenna is connected. In open terrority, the signal strength bars are pegged max for all available sats. I can even get 2 or 3 sats in the garage, try that with the orginal Garmin. The only down side is battery consumption increases. Figures provided by the manfactured say 20ma. but that on top of the V's hunger for power may provide less than enough time to get to the cache AND back. Take an extra set.



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