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Number One Guideline?

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If you could pick only one of the guidelines to have every cacher follow exactly, every time, which would it be? There are many, and they all are there for a reason. Which of the guidelines that common sense, trial and error, and experience has proven sensible is the one that if followed every time would have the greatest positive impact on caching.

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Geocaching is a participant sport and you only need to worry about your own participation. Let them log, let them trade, let them take their shortcuts. This is your game and you score it as you feel appropriate. Just because someone else does it differently that is not your problem.


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Put the cache back the way you found it.

After endlessly going to fix my lame lightpole cache (but in my defense it was the only one of its kind here, which is why I did it), I'm with Brian. I was actually relieved, if not happy, to find it missing on my last run out to fix it so that I had an excuse to archive it. I was getting really tired of receiving emails saying "I couldn't reach the cache" and then having to go out with a yard stick to knock it down and put it in reach when the cache page clearly stated to put it where people could easily reach it.

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Sounds almost intentional carleenp, I think I would have self-muggled and archived that one to end the fix visits. Anyway, is *Use Common Sense* a rule? That would get my vote. Although I suppose that would be unenforceable and subject to endless debate. My vote is also, HAVE FUN! :o

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:o I agree with trying to trade up, even or not at all, in addition to logging finds AND did not finds! But I really wish that those who (SUPPOSEDLY) find caches so quickly wouldn't log saying 'found within seconds' or '15 of 15 for me today this afternoon'. (I'm happy right now with one a day!) Maybe it is because I am still a newbie, and still getting a feel for where caches are hidden and such. But I can't stand when I search and search and search, for hours on end, sometimes on several different days, only to continue to be stumped, and then come home and read it was 'super duper easy' for someone else. ;) I also like to read a little more in the logs than 'yep- got it'. I like hearing of others weird things that happen and oddball items they come across while out in the field. ;)
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