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Well I Did It

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After Months of Planing and Many Tries, I got chache placed.


Everyone that helped in suggestions, I Thank.


I am sure the first to find, Will Be Pleased with content.


Now I will sit back and just concern Myself with finding, instead of hiding, for awhile.


Thanks Again, All

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Congrads! Just don't take any criticism personally and if you done-did well, sit back and read the

logs. Personally, I open my e-mail each day and one of the first things I look for are the XXXX FOUND YOUR CACHE messages. It makes the effort worth it.


"You can only protect your liberties in this world, by protecting the other man's freedom. "You can only be free if I am" -Clarence Darrow

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Thank You So Much, and Team 360, for Yours.


Can not Beleive, Someone found in dark, when I stumpled over in day to place, but I guess That is The Fun of Sport. (yes sport)


The Ones, That Found First, Truly Wanted Cache, and are Dedicated Cachers.


Great Fun,


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