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Geocaching Mentioned In National Geographic

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I posted this on the Socal Geocachers site, but I thought it might be an interesting topic here as well. I was reading a story on the Badlands in National Geographic and noticed that geocaching was mentioned in the story. I think it was on page 90 or so.


The focus of the story was on the beauty of the Badlands with a focus on the fossil digs. It appears that the people digging up fossils are concerned about geocaching because people are hiding caches close to fossils. Since they already have a problem with people stealing fossils, they are worried that posting exact coordinates to rare fossils will lead to more fossil theft. To be fair, they did mention that geocaching does help to bring more visitors and tourists to the area. I also noticed that they hypenated geocaching to read "geo-caching."


Anyway, I just thought it was interesting and worth mentioning. Anybody have any thoughts on the issue? Personally, I think the positives of bringing geocachers to the Badlands outweighs the possible negatives. I can understand their concern but I think that geocachers are simply the easy target.

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A funny page can be found here.



Word of advice. Do not click on this link at work, with your PC's volume on high.



It's always funny to hear some one else’s computer singing during the work day because they clicked on a link while taking a 5 min break.

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