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New Challenge For Seasider?

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Event Cache would be great. Can we pass on TB's. I have 5 new ones ready to go out into the wild. Tuesday best for me , as Nibbo said, work commitments on Wednesday evening. Allowed to stray only in Castletown, if mobile rings I have to leave the jollyties.

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OK, the Event Cache has been set up, subject to approval by Mr. Eckington and the honourable Lactodorum (I don't think I dare call them Ecky and Lecky until I've logged 1000 caches!).

It's called Manx Mission (what a surprise) and is on the Tuesday, 25th May. I've booked a table so there should be no excuse from Seasider that he didn't get fuelled-up enough before his abortive cache-logging attempt!



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It all sounds fine by me: if no-one objects then it's an event cache at The Bay in Port Erin on Tuesday 25th May. They do great food there too, if you're interested. Seasider - I guess you're due to arrive at 5 to 5, so you should be able to get to PE at any time in the evening. Nibbo / Cushag - is this all OK with you? We can meet again in Castletown on Wednesday. Do you want me to post the cache - it would be nice to recruit a couple of the others here (who are probably totally unaware of this whole thing...)




Plane lands at 5.30 so plenty of time to get to Port Erin!


Thanks in advance for all the hospitality guys B) - I really HAVE to have a successful mission now!! B)B)


Really looking forward to this - it will almost certainly be my last cache "tour" and it looks like the best has been saved till last!! :DB)






P.S. I was amazed to find my favourite pub in Bury (a freehouse, naturally B) ) was having a Manx week this week - O'kells beermats and posters adorned the place when I popped in for a swift half on Tuesday! Much better than the stuff from Yorkshire (Halifax) on the next pump!! :DB):D:D

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I hope the weather for the Manx Mission is anything like as good as the last few days. It's been more like the Mediterranean than the Irish Sea: there's not been a moment's cloud all weekend!


Manx Mission has been approved and all the IOM Geocachers that I know about have been sent emails - they seem a bit lethargic at the moment, but hopefully one or two will turn up for the free beer!


(That is, free of artificial additives, as the Manx beer purity laws don't allow anything but water, yeast, malt, sugar and hops).


Wednesday night will be in Castletown: probably at the Glue Pot There will need to be a port-mortem on the caches Seasider failed to log, and a revised plan for the final day!



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The Mission is getting close!! :mad:


T minus 2 days and counting till the big day! B)


I completed a training mission last Friday with the help of Leoness :lol: - a 14mile 3200ft Inglebourgh Incusion - which I came through unscathed apart from sunburn to my legs!! So I'm ready for all the physical challenges the Mission has to offer! B)


I just need to review the caches and the route later on today and then it will be all systems go! :lol:





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The number of IOM caches has crept up to 21 from the original 18 - the weather forecast looks excellent though, so the additional 3 should not be a problem. They're all pretty easy anyway B) , and most have been logged in the last couple of weeks so we know they are still there.


There's not been much response from others here on the island, but it'll be a great event just the same....see you all tomorrow!


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Looking foward to meeting you all. Nibbo will meet you off the plane. He came over last night on the ferry, smooth crossing. Weather sunny here. Slight breeze on the hills. PC is available at accomodation abode (my place) for latest printouts of caches and logging.

Have a safe journey

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I completed a training mission last Friday with the help of Leoness  - a 14mile 3200ft Inglebourgh Incusion - which I came through unscathed apart from sunburn to my legs!!


...and no, I didn't have to whip him to get up those hills!!! :D:D<_<


Good luck on your IoM trip, Seasider - have a great time, I'm sure you will, as the locals seem very friendly!


PS: Don't forget the sunscreen this time!!!

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The number of IOM caches has crept up to 21 from the original 18 - the weather forecast looks excellent though, so the additional 3 should not be a problem. They're all pretty easy anyway  :D , and most have been logged in the last couple of weeks so we know they are still there.


It's moved up to 22 caches now!! :D:D:D


Just finished my analysis of the caches and route and there are 24 miles to walk and 4000ft in total to climb!! :P:):D


Only 4 of the caches could be described as drive by (1/4 mile or less round trip) and 13 are a mile or greater!! :D<_<:D


Added to that a good half dozen appear to be very well hidden in trees and/or on vertical slopes!! :D:D:D


That's not forgetting the 18 stage multi!! :DB):D


Wednesday is going to be a long long day!! :D





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Cachers gathered at Manx Mission Co-ords last night 25th May. Seasider flew in (has he wings?) at 17.30. Unfortunately a new cache had appeared that AM but he has that sussed already. Owing to a late social evening, sleep was achieved around 01.30 AM today 26th May. Up and about by 05.00! Seasider and Nibbo fortified with Bacon sarnies, a picnic, and various electronic caching gadgets headed off into the unknown at 06.00. ETA back at base unknown as yet. Whatever, IOM cachers are welcome to The Glue Pot, Castletown this evening for a de-brief.

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Mission Accomplished!!

23 Manx caches bagged...... The Event cache on Manx Mission Eve - 21 caches on Manx Mission day - 1 new cache today!


Many thanks to Cushag for putting me up & making those excellent butties :lol::lol: and NIBBO for skilfully driving me around and patiently waiting for 17 hours whilst I cached!! :mad::mad:


It was also nice to meet Happy Humphrey (thanks for arranging the event cache! :mad: ) ,his missus and new cacher Manx (a proud Yorkshirman :lol: ) in the excellent ale house at Port Erin!! :D


I've not long got back home off the plane and I'm about to head into Blackpool to quaff some ale so I'll give a full report tomorrow!! B)<_<





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Thanks for the thanks Seasider. Wanted to see your caching logs but Nibbo had already guessed that you would head for a Pub. Nibbo managed to finish Man Hunt this evening and now has till 9th June to leisurely log some more IOM caches. I never did get to see the scratches on your legs!

We fully enjoyed Manx Mission.

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Unfortunately I am not a "tailless friend", but a quadruped from the south of England across for a holiday. In fact a "Hampshire Hog", born and bred,and still living in the county. :P:P

Very interesting day as chauffer. for the Manx Mission, and one way of seeing sites that many tourists never see. Thankyou for those that set up the caches. ^_^B)

Cheers, NIBBO

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Hi Seasider,


I've been following the lead up to this challenge and how I wish I could have been there B)

Well done Seasider ... I think I'm doing well with just three caches logged in a day but 23 albiet one an event cache takes some doing not only in stamina but in sharpness of intellect :P



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Mission Report!!




The pre mission briefing began in The Bay pub at Port Erin on Tuesday 25th May at 7pm at a well attended event cache .....six people on an island with a population of 76,000 is equivalent of a few thousand turning up on the mainland (sort of)!!


Much local ale was quaffed together with the odd bottle of fruity belgian beer which washed the Manx sausages & mash down very nicely!


Analysis reveals the 21 caches of the Mission will involve 23 miles of walking, 4500 feet of climbing and (on an island 13 miles wide by 35 miles long) will involve 140 miles of driving. Total mission time is projected to be 16hours and 45 minutes (from arriving at first cache site to finding the last cache).


It is realised that an early start is required - eventually a 6am start is agreed which would give a finish time around 11pm! However, it is agreed that since the original terms of reference for the mission was to find the 18 caches which then existed it was not necessary to find all 21 which would allow for more ale quaffing on Mission day night!


Sobering up was achieved by going to bed about 1am (later for NIBBO) and getting a good three hours or so sleep - just perfect preparation for the mission ahead!!




At 6.10am fuelled up with Cushag's excellent smoked Manx bacon butties and with gadgets fired up and at the ready, we set off on the short drive to the first cache on the Langness Peninsula.


Cache 1 - Twixt Two Towers


One of Cushag's caches and a nice easy one with a short walk to start....once I had navigated through the gorse bushes I soon had the first Mission cache under my belt! The early sun was hidden behind the clouds which made this one of the few cool caches of the day. Off to cache 2 at Scarlett Point.


Cache 2 - Captain Scarlett


Another of Cushag's caches which again gave a short even walk. The cache was found easily and I was able to enjoy examining the fantastic variety of volcanic rocks on the sea shore. Off to cache 3 at Spanish Head.


Cache 3 - El Presidente


One of Happy Humphrey's caches and the first of the high terrain rated caches. The cache involved a climb of about 400 feet and a round trip of about a mile and a half. The view from this cache is world class. Absolutely stunning. In all the 1000+ caches I have done this is the best. Some time ago somebody took a world championship winning photo from near here and I could see why it had won! No problems finding the cache. The sun had come out now and with not even a hint of a breeze I was very warm after doing this cache! Off to cache 4 at Cronk ny Arrey Laa - a big hill on the west coast!


Cache 4 - Time Piece


On the way to the cache we took a wrong turn and headed down a track which we laughingly saw said "Unsuitable for Motor Vehicles". We soon stopped mocking the sign when we noticed the series of deep holes in the track! NIBBO showed off his reverse driving and turning skills and was able to save the car and the mission!!


Another of Happy Humphrey's caches. Again fantastic views!! Without giving anything away (as this is a puzzle cache) it involves a lot of climbing and a lot of walking! A very tiring and time consuming cache but one that is well worth it for the location and the added twist when you pull out the cache box! No problems finding the cache. Off to cache 5 at the Glen Rushden Plantation.


Cache 5 - The Exercise Wheel


The first of the non coastal caches. A Yessir cache. Quite a pleasant mile and a half return walkp through the plantation to the ruined farmhouse. No problems finding the cache. The sun had come out intermitently during cache 4 but would now shine untroubled for the rest of the day. The air temperature was now rising rapidly and with 15 miles & 2800 feet yet to go it posed the first threat to the mission. Off to cache 6 just down the road at the Cringle Plantation.


Cache 6 - Boy, its cold 'ere


Well, it may have been cold last November when Cheshire Cat placed this cache but it was anything but today! This was about a 1 mile return walk on more or less flat terrrain and gave great views of the southern part of the island. No problems finding the cache. Off to cache 7 and the Slieau Whallian Plantation at St John's.


Cache 7 - Watch out for the witches barrels.


Another cache by Cheshire Cat. And a notorious cache on the Island!! Hardened Manx cachers shivered when this was mentioned at the Event Cache! A cache under heavy tree cover on an insanely steep bank. Finding the right path was tricky enough they said. The cache description/clue says it's...er.... hidden in a tree.... very helpful, thanks for that! This was tipped to be the cache which scuppered the mission.


Thanks to the skills of NIBBO we parked at the entrance to the correct path and after a short steep climb I was soon staring up the bank towards one of many possible hiding places. After a review of the cache description and previous logs I soon picked the correct location and had overcome one of the threats to the Mission! Off to cache 8 at the Archallagan Plantation in the centre of the island.


Cache 8 - Tip of The arrow ??


Another cache by Cheshire Cat. And appropriately named. A very painful cache in shorts - gorse bushes thorns cut my legs as if they were the tips of arrows! Despite the long spell of hot weather the path was very muddy as well - I wouldn't like to try this in winter! No problems finding the cache. Off to cache 9 and an encounter with Red Mountain - the longest walk of the Mission.


Cache 9 - Secrets of Red Mountain


A cache by Ellanvannin. From the very first time the Mission was proposed I had always seen this as the crunch cache of the Mission. The cache involved a 1.75 mile trudge up Red Mountain to a cairn 650 feet above the valley where the car rested at Braaid. Already 30 minutes behind schedule and under the intense glare of the late May early afternoon sun I set out knowing that indeed the success or failure of the mission would be decided here.


The projected time for doing the cache was 80 minutes - under the hot conditions the best I hoped for was to do it in 90 and try to save time on the caches later in the day when it would be cooler. If the sun really got to me and I took much longer then not only would the full 21 cache mission be abandoned the smaller 18 cache mission would be under serious threat as well.


I need not have been worried. Half way up the mountain the weather pressure patterns changed and a strong cooling wind picked up from the south of the Island. I was able to find the cache straight away and headed down the mountain at full speed. I got back to the car just 65 minutes after I had left shaving 15 minutes off the projected time and bringing the Mission back to just 15 minutes behind overall!! The Mission was very definitely still on!!


This was regarded as the effective half way point of the mission and I'll put up part 2 of the mission report later!





Edited by Seasider
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Mission Report - Continued!!




Cache 10 - Cold n' Dark


From cache 9 we made the short journey around to the eastern flank of Red Mountain and entered the Colden Plantation. This is a cache in steep woodland but unlike Cheshire Cat's "witches cache" (cache 7) it was hidden just at the side of the path which made things much more straightforward. It was still a steep climb of about 250ft and a round trip of 3/4 a mile and thus by no means a drive by cache - but after Red Mountain (cache 9) that was no problem! Due to the action of the strong sun on decomposing pine trees the woods smelt wonderful and it was certainly not "cold n' dark" in there today! I arrived back at the car to find NIBBO being accosted by some very free range chickens - the first of many wild chicken encounters for the day! We then moved from the centre of the island back to the west coast and cache 11 at Gob y Deigan.


Cache 11 - Devil's Mouth


On the way to the cache I made the only navigational error of the day and we headed east instead of west on the B10. NIBBO soon solved that one by showing off more driving skills and doing a three point turn on a relatively narrow road with steep ditches on both sides!


Another Happy Humphrey cache so good views were a certainty! This is a puzzle cache which requires information to be gathered from Time Piece (cache 4) and a puzzle to be solved to be able to calculate the co-ordinates. No problems with the puzzle or finding the cache and HH didn't disappoint by providing a nice hidey hole and great views! It was also only a 5 minute walk from the car and thus one of the few drive by caches on the island! Off to cache 12 at The Curraghs which is currently the most northerly cache on the island (excluding stages of cache 21 - Man Hunt).


Cache 12 - A Walk in the Country, Part 3


The first of a three part series by Ellanvannin. Potentially a tricky cache to find as it is hidden deep inside a swamp! I was warned not to bush whack in the Curraghs and stick to the paths. Fortunately, I found the correct paths and quickly found the cache. After reading previous logs about a soggy cache box, Cushag had given me a new box to replace the old tin one - that was our good deed for the day! As we drove off we were once again accosted by wild chickens - this time a big gang of them who refused to move until NIBBO nearly drove over them! Off to cache 13 near Snaefell and the first of the caches on the east of the island.


Cache 13 - A walk in the country, Part 2


This Ellanvannin cache is located at a shade over 1700 feet close to the summit of Clagh Ouyr on the southern end of the spectacular North Barrule ridge, a massif which culminates with the second highest point on the island. Just a mile to the south west looms Snaefell which at 2036 feet is the highest place on the Isle of Man. The views from here are extraordinary - these hills are the only place in the British Isles where you can see England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland from the same place, just by turning in a full circle!!


We arrived in the area and parked up in the shadow of Snaefell around teatime just a few minutes behind schedule with the Mission very much on. We would leave the area nearly an hour behind schedule and with the Mission in serious jeopardy. Earlier in the afternoon, I had overcome the challenges of Red Mountain (cache 9) but now Clagh Ouyr was about to take revenge!


The cache involves a 350 feet climb up the ridge and a round trip of about a mile. A tough physical challenge towards the end of a long day in the field. I was certainly much slower ascending than when I had attacked Red Mountain earlier in the afternoon but the threat to the Mission would be of a different order and a problem that I had not faced all day long. The problem was elementary - however hard I looked, I could not find the cache!!


The cache is hidden under a rock, one of many in a rock formation on the western side of the hill. I looked high & low, far & wide - thrice. I even had the picture clue with me which didn't help. I had read all the logs thoroughly and was not expecting to find it right away (the great Happy_Humphrey hadn't found it first time around) but I did expect to find it - after all half a dozen cachers had.


As the clock ticked towards an elapsed Mission time of 12 hours I gave up. I had been searching a small area of hillside for 45 minutes and it was time to sacrifice this cache in order to leave time for others. The 21 cache mission was over. In the pub the night before we had agreed 18 caches would succeed but everyone knew what my real target was. For the first time in the day I took a rest - I took off my sunhat, turned off my GPS and spent 5 minutes admiring the views.


I've only had 11 DNF's in over 1000 caches and just 4 in the last 700 (with good excuses for 2 of those - darkness & moved cache!!) so I thought how unlucky that the round dozen should be recorded here on a day like this! With that thought I decided it was time to get back down to the car and I began the descent down the route I had first climbed up 50 minutes earlier.


Feeling drained of energy I sat down to move from one rock to another whereas earlier I had jumped. I placed my hat, GPS & cache sheet on a ledge next to me and after I had got down to the lower rock turned round to pick them up and then froze! For there to the left of where I had been was a familiar looking stone - I grabbed the picture clue and incredibly it was the one which guarded the cache!!! The Mission had been saved by a stroke of luck - sometimes you get lucky caching and I certainly did here!


I dashed back down to the car as fast as I had at Red Mountain (cache 9). We were way behind schedule with eight caches to go - projections now put the finish time beyond midnight (we had agreed that "a day" meant midnight to midnight and the Mission must end then) but at least we had a chance whereas minutes earlier all hope had gone! Off to cache 14 at Agneash.


Cache 14 - Descent of the Aqua


Although close to cache 13 on the map this Cheshire Cat cache is infact about a 10 mile drive by car to the next parking area. This ate up precious minutes but NIBBO went as fast as he could! The cache involves a flattish round trip walk of 2 miles and a search at the side of a waterfall. No problems finding the cache. During the return walk the sun slipped behind the surrounding hills and after trying to fry me all day would torment me no more! One threat to the Mission had now been overcome. I had walked quickly to this cache and returned to NIBBO nearly 10 minutes ahead of its schedule. Off to cache 15 at Axnfell Plantation on the outskirts of Laxey.


Cache 15 - Fall of the woodcutter


The last Cheshire Cat cache on the Island. Another cache hidden in trees. Fortunately a shortish walk to the cache which was soon found. As I got back to the car NIBBO reported the strange sight of a guy walking his dog from his car!! How lazy can you get?!! Off to cache 16 at Conrhenny - the last cache before Douglas.


Cache 16 - A walk in the country, part 1


The last of the Ellanvannin series. We were about 40 minutes behind schedule as we arrived but only 20 minutes behind schedule when we left! NIBBO once more showed off his driving skills and turned this into a drive by cache! The recommended parking co-ords are two reservoirs and 1.5 miles walk away. I had noticed a parking spot just half a mile from the cache but NIBBO was having none of it and parked just 150 feet away!! No problems finding the cache.


The end of the Mission was in sight. Four Douglas caches followed by the Man Hunt finale somewhere on the south coast. For the first time, barring disasters similar to the Barrule Ridge (cache 13), NIBBO and myself knew that we would now complete the Mission. Off to just outside Douglas, the capital of the Isle Of Man.


Cache 17 - The End Of The Line?


A glorious cliff top cache by Elvis The Trog. This is a very dangerous cache and one which I had to do in daylight or the Mission was off. Fortunately we were only a few minutes behind schedule now and the setting sun easily gave enough light for me to enjoy looking down the sheer drops to the crashing sea below! No problems finding the cache. Just as El Presidente (cache 3) was the most scenic cache I had ever done, the Island picks up another award as this cache is easily the most dangerous! Off to Summer-Hill Glen in Douglas proper.


Cache 18 - Mad Ma(n)x 2


A woodland cache by LinearB. After overcoming the joint threats of wrecking the car (cache 4), the rocks of North Barrule (cache 13) and the all day sizzling sun, a new threat appeared. It was beginning to get dark and neither NIBBO or myself had a torch!!


There might be just enough light to do this cache and the other two Douglas caches could perhaps be done under streetlight but how was I to do Man Hunt in the countryside in complete darkness?! Fortunately, despite not being able to use Tom Tom in the Isle Of Man I had brought my PDA. And, yes it does give off just enough light to see what you are doing at close range in the dark!


I did actually need the PDA for this cache as although there was light outside the wood, inside the wood it was very dark and the gadget proved invaluable and I had no problems finding the cache. Off to the south of Douglas.


Cache 19 - Manx


This is the first cache ever placed on the Isle Of Man back in May 2002 by ThePuzzler. It is a drive by cache placed in trees at the side of the road. No problems finding the cache. NIBBO picked up an injury when he glanced into the trees to see how I was doing - he got poked in the eye by a branch. Fortunately no permanent damage has been done. Off to the other side of the river in Douglas.


Cache 20 - Two of a Kind


A cache by none other than NIBBO!! He gave me no help in doing this cache apart from parking yards from the upright fellow mention in part 1. He also confirmed that an e-mail would not be necessary to claim this cache! Off to the final cache on the south coast of the Island.


Cache 21 - Man Hunt


The final cache of the mission was an epic 18 stage multi by Happy_Humphrey. NIBBO and I had earlier gathered the necessary clues to solve most of the stages and now I faced a final shortish walk to find the final stages and the cache box itself. A great cache in a great area but I am giving no clues away!!


The end of the mission and NIBBO and myself shook hands to congratulate each other on a great day's caching!


The day had started at 6.20 am at the Langness Peninsula and had ended here at 23.15pm. The projected Mission time was 16hours 45 minutes and we had taken 16hours 55 minutes! Having stared disaster in the face on the North Barrule Ridge and getting well behind schedule we had pulled things around in the east coast run in to finish within the midnight deadline!



By the time we got back to Castletown it was 23.45 and the pub was shut but we were able to catch Cushag and Mr & Mrs Happy Humphrey in the car park for a debriefing session. Perhaps next time I am on the Island we can have a proper celebratory drink!




The last day of my trip but one small matter remained. A cache had appeared more or less as I was flying over a couple of days earlier. It had to be bagged!


After an excellent fish & chip lunch in Castletown NIBBO, Cushag and myself headed to where we calculated Coastal Caper to be (it is a puzzle cache). Cushag decided to sunbathe while NIBBO and myself headed off to bag the cache. NIBBO had not walked with me to any of the caches yesterday so this was his first cache of the Mission! We had no problems finding the cache which was in another superb location.


After a very enjoyable couple of days on the Island seeing the superb scenery and meeting its friendly people I flew back in the 8 seater plane I had arrived in and touched down again in Blackpool a little after 6.30pm. I don't think it will be long before I will be back!







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Great report, and it was an honour to entertain you for a few hours! You'll be made most welcome on your return visit (hopefully taken at a more relaxed pace next time). There's already a new cache here, and probably a few more soon, so the 24-hour session will become impossible. Particularly after I tighten up Man Hunt after your valuable tips...


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Hi Seasider, congratulations on successfully completing your mission. I think what is so good is that you don't just make a mad dash round all the caches, you take the trouble to note and later describe the total experience you have. It was very interesting reading through your accounts of the various caches you did.


Now when did you say you going to slow down to let us mere mortals catch up a bit? :blink::D:ph34r::D

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Great report, and it was an honour to entertain you for a few hours! You'll be made most welcome on your return visit (hopefully taken at a more relaxed pace next time). There's already a new cache here, and probably a few more soon, so the 24-hour session will become impossible. Particularly after I tighten up Man Hunt after your valuable tips...


Yes, I see you've been busy again!! Nice new cache - something for me to do next time I am over.


Sorry about Mansfield yesterday :rolleyes: - maybe next year!! :lol:





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Hi Seasider, congratulations on successfully completing your mission. I think what is so good is that you don't just make a mad dash round all the caches, you take the trouble to note and later describe the total experience you have. It was very interesting reading through your accounts of the various caches you did.


Told you I wasn't just a numbers man!! :lol::rolleyes:


Thanks for all the comments. The Isle of Man is a lovely place with some world class caches - I thoroughly recommend it to everyone!! :)





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Hi Seasider - congrats on getting all the caches. Hope mine didn't give you too many problems ;) I thought the difficult one would be Ellan Vannins on North Barrule rather than any of mine - it gave me a lot of problems finding it (the wind chill made it sub zero when I was up there)


Sorry I missed you at the meet but with TT week and a holiday approaching I just couldn't get down.


Might find some more challenges for you shortly - there are a couple of locations which I've had in mind for a while one of while


And its a manx cat btw...

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Good to hear from you - there are a few new caches for you on the Island now (as you've heard), and several more on the way. I'm looking forward to collecting your new one(s) when you get around to planting them! I've only got 2 left to log here now so the sooner the better!

Are you going to get Ellan Vannin back out there as well?


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The only problem at the mo' is that I've broken my mountain bike (in half...) and my new bike isn't as easy to mount my GPS on... One of the new caches is literally 100 feet of one of my cycle rides but without my GPS mount I keep forgetting to pick it up.


I had my Gecko 201 pinched with my luggage a couple of months ago so I've replaced it with a 301 which has a barometric altimetre and a Magnetic compass which I'll probably use to assist with locating caches under tree cover.


Ellan Vannin and I were out on the bikes a couple of weeks ago so maybe we can get a few going. Its all about preparing before hand - I usually get home from work and ten minutes later I'm out cycling so I'd need to get the cache ready the night before. And of course I always forget.


One of my current plans is a 'route cache' which will be a walking or cycling route taking in Red Mountain, Colden and two / three others in near by locations to form a loop. We found some old telegraph pole stumps between Red Mountain and the Creg (not the Creg-ny-Baa but the old quarry building which overlooks the reservoir) which are easy enough to find and will hold a decent size cache. I think that area of the Island is possibly my favourite as the views are incredible.


And I have plans for another evil cache - 'witches barrels' was accidentally difficult but it has given me a good insight in how to make caches more rewarding when you do find them.

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We were watching the logs coming in over the past few hours, giggling to ourselves. Pity the weather was bad for you both. It was an entertaining, and dry evenings watching.


When we placed them it was lovely weather. Didn`t think anyone would be so silly to start the caches in weather like this, but we`d of probably been tempted too actually...


Don`t forget to put your wet clothes on the radiators tonight kids. !! ;)

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We were watching the logs coming in over the past few hours, giggling to ourselves. Pity the weather was bad for you both. It was an entertaining, and dry evenings watching.


I keep trying to retire but people keep putting down these great series of caches!! :lol::lol:


It was a good day yesterday despite the rain - I had nostalgic flashbacks to when I was racing around doing the Alchemy series!





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