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Battery Holder

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Here's a very non-elegant, but very inexpensive, option. Go to your local Radio Shack. They sell AA battery holders that are made to put in your electronic project to hold its batteries.

I bought a simple plastic holder that holds 8 AA batteries. It does have a connector on the top so that it could be placed in an electronic project, but I have never had cause to be worried that those contacts would short out. Radio Shack sells these very inexpensively and in sizes that carry different numbers and sizes of batteries.

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All my gear (PDA, GPS, headlamp) uses AAA's, so I keep 2-4 alkalines in my otherwise unused left back pocket. I can't feel 'em, so sometimes they go thru the washing machine and dryer. No explosions so far. I tried NiMH AAA's, but they really did not work as well as the alkalines due to the lower cell voltage and the fact that NiMH's typically leak 1-2% of their charge every day.


In one of my previous jobs I wrote software for a LiON battery charger. LiON batteries, if not properly designed, manufactured, charged, and handled, can undergo rapid dissassembly. LiON batteries are required to include a protection IC. Still, I would not want to carry one of those in my pocket.


"the concussion blew the Assistant Chief out the office door onto the floor and blew the Captain against the office wall." http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/face9939.html#9939p2

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Quadrod has piece of PVC pipe with 2 caps on the ends. I don't know what size the PVC is...but the AA batteries fit perfectly end to end. He has used it with no problem for quite a while. The temperature here is 120+ degrees in the summer. If anybody want's more specifics...I'll check it out and let you know.

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I'm looking for some suggestions on what to carry spare batteries in when I'm out Geocaching. I've heard that loose batteries can explode if they touch some metal. Anyone have a cheap solution for this?

Well, they can become a problem if they find the right kind of metal that can touch both ends at the same time.


Frankly the suggestion of the Radio Shack holder scares me. That's just begging for trouble. One ordinary piece of metal and we'll have a hot time in the town tonight.


I found some cheap holders that came with some $1 batteries. Heck, I bought the batteries for the holder! The fact they are usable was a plus.


There are storage battery holders our there. They are the nicest solution.

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Radio Shack also has those little digital media cases that are made for memory cards. They hold an extra sd card for your meridian, along with some extra batteries. Not to expensive if i remember right, plus they have batteries buy 2 packs get one free. I think it's time to stock up for my summer caching.

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