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Sprinker Spire Benchmark

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While climbing with the kids on the Sprinker spire, a constructed climbing rock in a park in Spanaway, WA, I found a benchmark disk on top. Having recently started looking for benchmarks, I was excite to find it. Though I'm guessing it is for show, anyone know for sure? It has Spire 1983 stamped on it.

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There are quite a few 'benchmarks' around, but most of the NGS markers that you can track through and are disks and not landmarks (smoke towers, church spires, signs on the side of a hill, et all) will say something like 'National Geodetic Society' , 'National Ocean Survey' or "U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey Benchmark".


There are plenty of others who also put out survey markers that are not tracked through gc.com (perhaps because of the lack of availability of those databases that make them trackable?) In my area I've seen WSDOT survey markers, Army Corps of Engineers survey markers, City of Olympia survey markers, REI 'survey markers'... There are others: Bureau of Reclamation; Bureau of Land Management; Corps of Engineers... anyway, the list goes on.


It sounds like the one you found is like the "REI" survey marker. It's cute and fun, but not really used for anything other than a novelty item!


Have fun tracking down benchmarks!



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