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It is cache just like any other regular geocache. The only difference is that you simply declare it a tb motel. Container should be big enough to handle multiple and larger size bugs.


The MAIN THING is that it MUST be WELL HIDDEN from non-cachers. Dry, secure, safe from high water marks, etc. are also important. You have an added level of responsibility when housing several tb's at one time. These caches do get muggled and when they do as many as 10, or more people lose their tb's and all the effort that went into them. Not to mention the other cachers that "follow" those tb's adventures.


The comment on a tb hotel cache page that miffed me was (after the container was raided for the second time) "This hotel will return again!". No mention of being sorry for the loss of all the tb's nor any recognition that those bugs meant something to someone. I would have, at the very least, emailed all the tb owners with a condolence message.


But then again, I will NEVER place a tb motel so I won't ever need to send out multiple tb loss condolences.


As you can see, I am not fond of tb motels. I think they are disrespectful to the individual tb owners and turn tb's into a trading commodity. Pretty hard to get excited by the sight of and attached to a tb when it is stuffed in a bucket with 10 or 15 others.

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A travel bug hotel is just like any other cache, all you do is mention on the cache page that your cache is for TB's only.


On another note, TB hotels are meant to be an easy drop off and pick up point for TB's. They are usually located in close proximity to major highways, airports, train stations etc., but theres no specific rule that they must be.


Before placing it ask yourself if the area where you are placing it would be a convenient, yet well hidden spot so those passing through can easily drop off, or pick up bugs.

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Generally a bug hotel/motel is just a geocache set up at a place that makes it easier for bugs to travel -- near a major highway or near an airport (but never on airport property, of course -- just in a park nearby).


All regular guidelines apply to the placement of bug motels, too, so be sure to read over the guidelines before establishing your bug motel geocache. Here are a few suggestions that come to mind and I'm sure folks will chime in with others.

  • Make the container large enough to house several bugs at a time and waterproof -- an ammo can would be a good choice
  • Decide what "rules" you think are appropriate. Some people make it a rule that you cannot take a bug without leaving one, but this seems to defeat the purpose of the free travel of the bugs. Look at some other bug motels to get ideas.
  • Make sure the hiding place is extremely secure and unlikely to be found by non-geocachers. This is not only safeguarding your own cache, but all of the bugs who might be passing through as well
  • If a bug in languishing in your motel for an extended period of time, you might consider helping it to move along yourself when you're conducting maintenance on the cache
  • You may consider having regular trading items along with the bugs; this would encourage people to visit even if they don't have a bug or are unable to move one along

Good luck!

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According to your profile, you have only found one cache. Before you place any caches, especially the TB hotel, you might want to find a few more to get a better idea of how people hide them, what makes for a suitable location, etc. It needs to be well hidden everyone has said already.


A TB hotel could potentially hold a lot of bugs and we would like such a cache to be easily reached but not easily found so it can survive.

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I have two TB hotels which are pretty successful because I've made sure to learn from other's mistakes. Here are some good rules and guidelines:




- Use a larger container


- Hide it extremely well, but also make sure it has good access from the nearest parking place. Posting parking coords could be a cool thing to do, if the best parking place is not possible.


- Do NOT institute any cache rules such as "There must be a mininum of x number of bugs in the TB hotel at all times". Jeremy Irish especially disagrees with this. Bugs are meant to move, and such rules inhibit that ability somewhat. (This rule seems to serve the pride of the cache owner rather than the bugs themselves - disclaimer: that's just my own lil' ol general opinion.)


- Place the TB hotel where there are some good main roads or interstates at least somewhat nearby within a few minutes driving.


- Do NOT make the TB hotel a puzzle cache. Do post decent hints which help one access the cache easily if necessary.




- Having fillable goal cards and ziplocks is a cool option too. I designed a few for my own caches. I can offer a PDF of the goal card that I designed if ya want it. It's easy for a local Kinkos to print, cut and put into pads for you. :D


- If a "phantom" bug haunts your cache (i.e. missing for weeks and not logged out) you can decide to find a way to evict it. Methods: 1. Email the TB owner and ask them to take it to a "unknown location". 2. Track down the cacher who took it, if possible, and send them a polite email. 3. (my method) Create an alternate username, track down the bug's tracking number via either the owner or previous cachers who've had it before, then have your alternate username "hold" the thing instead of your cache.


- Add a rule to your TB cache that forbids the posting of tracking numbers in logs or pics. That can help protect the bugs from mischevious vandals who would ghost-post the bug in caches all over the planet.


Just my thoughts du jour... hope they can help... :wub:

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... - Hide it extremely well, ...

You probably cannot stress this one enough. I never heard of a Bug Hotel till my bug went through one. I also have the privilege :D of being the last finder on a cache that went missing with one bug in it. I sure would not want to be responsible for a whole bunch of bugs and have the entire cache go missing all because of a poor hide.

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