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Symbotic Travel Bugs

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I read someplace about the concept of logging a travelbug, but keeping it with you, thereby tracking your own visits to caches and getting a nifty map of your visits on the travelbug page.


IS this a common thing? First I've heard of it, and it brings up a second question, if you do a virtual cache, can you legitimately log your travel bug in and out of it? Or would it just give the cache owner more headaches to have travelbugs listed on their cache site just opposite of the 'this is a virtual cache' indicator?


scratchin' my head on this one,

what's the popular opinions?


-flashj: the Flashcat!

ps: yes I misspelled the topic, and my maths aren't so good either...

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Did you mean symbolic or symbiotic? :blink:


The practice seems to be pretty common. I don't do it. I know of virtual caches that have travel bug histories. At least one of which has a mileage TB in its history. If you drop off and then pick up the TB again, then it will only be checked into the cache a short time, 10 sec (?), then, practically, it's not going to show up as in the cache. It will go into the cache's TB history.

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It IS done all over....as an example here's my Personal Travel Bug Reptar that travels with me from cache to cache. Regulars, Micros, Virtuals, etc. I just drop him and grab him. I DO however, delete the retrieved from logs just to keep the page cleaned up. It is always "in the hands of the owner" at the end of a caching day. I don't leave it in a cache.


Hope this helps,


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Ya....I wanted to use more smileys, but got an error that the max number of emoticons had been exceeded. Sorry WH.


Can you fit that CacheMobile in a micro? :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:B)

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