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Geocaching As A Competitive Sport

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There are so many threads on stats, fair play, logging etiquette, etc. I was sitting here pondering it all, and thinking about how while it would be hard to define an actual winner, one could say that whoever has the most finds, wins. It's a little more complicated than that, but the definition works for a lot of people.


Then it occurred to me, to have a definite winner, you must also have one or more losers. So, does this mean that everyone but the top cacher is a loser? Of course not. But without someone to lose, how can anyone win?

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Well now, picture this. There is number one in the state. Number one in the country. Number one in the world. There is number one in the city. There is the best at highly ratred caches, and the best at the skydiver point system. There is the best at FTF and the best at LTF. There is the best this week, and the best from last week. You can split it by active cachers and cachers in the hall of fame. What it comes down to is that there is so many ways to skin the stats cat that anyone can pick any catagory and give it the freshman try. I don't want to be the king of virtuals, but someone does. For those don't like stats, odds are they won't even look at any of this stuff.


Because the stats are not offical not fully accurate and so on it opens the doors to the fact that there really are no losers because everyone can find their angle.


Now if you have olympic caching. Sorry sombody doesnt' even make bronze but I won't feel sorry for them. They are already better than my to make the olympics of the caching world.

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