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Millennium Day

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Brill achievement, Isobel and I were glad we were able to be a very small part of it :D


By the authority invested in me by no one in particular I am pleased to admit you to the degree of Master Geocacher :D:D:D


....which carries nothing with it but a warm glow of satisfaction, often wet feet, bleeding shins and chillblains, a close circle of equally semi-insane friends :blink: , the need to quaff many pints of english bitter :D:D and the right to bear the postnomial MGe :D:D:D .


Congratulations John Nuttal MGe

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Hearty congratulations John on a magnificent achievement.

Youre a tenacious character and a great guy to chat to and have a beer with!

Thanks for doing some of our caches along the way.

Can't wait to read the book......


best regards and good luck in what ever you decide to do next.

if you can do this you can do anything!





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John. I think you are in need of some serious psychiatric help. :D:D:D:D:blink:


Is there anybody withing the caching community you haven't yet met on your tours around this grand isle of ours. :D


Well done. You deserve it. Now to get back to normal life and allow us mere mortals a chance of FTF :D:D:D (Maybe??)

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Well done John. A great deal of time and effort has gone into your achievement, accelerated by your caching rate over the last few months. Just as you back off the throttle I start on my motorcycle ralling so both 1st and 2nd COTM could be up for grabs now! Enjoy your well earned break and I wish you luck coping with the withdrawl symptoms!

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A huge WELL DONE! from me too John.

Now, if only I'd thought to work 20 times as hard at cache-hunting than I have over the last year, I could be up there too. I hope you'll be celebrating your 1000th find in proper style. And then have a hot bath, a lie-in and think about writing a book about your experiences while it's all still fresh in your mind. :blink:


Enjoy your semi-retirement and I'm sure you'll be back... just maybe in a lower gear.

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Thanks, guys! :D


There have been some frustrating moments but overall I'll remember my caching year as a very enjoyable and positive jaunt around the British countryside! :wub:


I've visited a huge number of areas and sites which I probably never would have seen without getting involved in caching. :lol:


I've also met a lot of great people along the way! :D:lol:


Briefly - thanks to Dan & Pid & chums for laying that cache in Blackpool (St Annes actually!) which I tripped over a year ago which made me fall into the world of geocaching! Thanks to everyone who laid the caches which I've so enjoyed finding. Thanks to everyone who bothered to look for my caches - more coming soon! Cheers to everyone I've met over the past year! And thanks to those who made my millenium cache a special occasion especially jstead who hid behind a rock for 30 mins braving a strong cold wind - at his age as well!!! :lol::lol:


This week I'll be looking at my stats and will be doing an article for Deego which he'll publish over on GUK in the next week or two so I won't bore you with a long thread of stats on this forum! :lol:


As for future plans - well there are still a couple of dozen caches within 50miles which I need to pick off (mostly on hills!) - I might get down to Hampshire in the summer and try to improve on my 25 in a day & also do a bit of caching on the Isle of Wight - but apart from that I don't have any plans for any more tours so yes, with me & pyoung1s out of the way, COTM for April should be a wide open event!! :lol:





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