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Toronto Sportsmen Show

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Hey guys,


Dropped into the Toronto Sportsman show there seems to be retailers there representing all the major GPS brands as well as a few army surplus places. I picked up two ammo boxes myself and will be GPS shopping over the next few days.


If you are planning on going there is lots for all your outdoor and caching needs :blink:

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*eyes logger*


Luckily, for the sake of my life I haven't found any of them at the show yet. Was in today though and looking at various models. Nothing really stuck out at me. I don't really know much about the Garmin models and the Magellan models I just hear too many bad things about ...


So who knows, I'm working there every day so something might catch my eye B)


And now I must go lay down cause I got myself quite a huge head ache working there tonight (and there was a Dylan concert no one bothered to tell me about, GRRR BUSY hehe)

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Admiral Byrd, cantourman and i went today to the toronto sportsman show and i have to say that we were rather unimpressed. im not saying that there was nothing there to see but there wasnt much. the fugawi booth and the few surplus stores were good but, in my opinion it was more geared to the fisherman that the outdoor inthusiest. in our 6 or so hrs there we didnt see a single gps booth or a representative. contourman summed it up by saying "this show has more fishing stuff than the fishing show" which was held a few weeks earlier. oh well thats just our opinion. what did everyone else think?



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There is three companies there that carry GPS and when I talked to them they were pretty knowledageable.


Although today I dont know how you saw anything. That was the busiest Sportsmen Show day we've had in years (8 years to be exact). It was just insane, I just got home after a 14 hour day down there, it was not a fun day on the grounds :blink: (Like the traffic line ups? :D)


As for the show, yeah its more or less a hunting and fishing show with some extras thrown in.

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