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Whats The Best Black And White Gps?

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I dont think I really need color and wanted to save a few $$. I was looking at the Garmin 76s any other recomendations....$200-300 area...

If you want the best bang for the buck, its the Magellan Gold.



You will need to buy an SD film card and mapping software to meet your needs also. The etrex series by Garmin are OK, but in the woods in heavy tree cover they lose signal easy. I own or have owned about all the new GPS's made on the market now and I have no prefrence to Garmin or Magellan. If you want a good GPS with everything in the kit ready to go, get a Garmin GPS V, they are about $330-$350 new.

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I didn't like the V because it was soo slow when routing (compared to the iQue, 60c etc) and the memory is pretty much useless. I was constantly reloading maps to where I was going.


Speed it up a bit and throw in an SD card slot and it's a winner! The 56 megs on my 60c is barely enough. I have about 400 megs of map data loaded onto my iQue.

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