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Gps Prediction Software

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Hi, I'm new on this forum, I'discovered it by searching for GPS-prediction software.


I'm working as a topograpgic and hydrographic surveyor around the world. In a former company we used soft- and hardware from trimble. In this software, there was a possibility to give a location in Lat/Lon and the software generates several graphical-'plots'like a skyplot etc..., when and where which SV (GPS-satelite) is and when it is 'visible' for your receiver at that location.


As I now work for another company in the same function I'm looking for such similar software to schedule GPS-measurments, in different places. This is usefull if you work very northernly, or between buildings where the only open sky is north.


Proffesionaly, I now work with Thales Aquarius transmitters and receivers (diff-GPS) and sometimes with older equipment like sercel NR103, and for hand-holds with Thales Mobile mapper and the older Garmin XL 12.

For personal use I have a Magellan Meridium


Furtheron, it seems a nice thing that geocache....it is new to me, but for sure I will try some of these caches....


thanks in advance.

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The Trimble prediction software is available for download but considering the download is over 20mb and the Leica Satellite availability is less than 1mb and does the same thing then I'd use the download link in T2's post.


There's also a Magellan mission planning software version that is capable of including GLONASS predictions.


Cheers, Kerry.

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There's also a Magellan mission planning software version that is capable of including GLONASS predictions.

Cheers, Kerry.

Yes That software is a little bit difficult to find and I use it:



dir 'software' dir 'utils' download MP_win.zip = Magellan Mission Planner


My other links are:




Ashtech = Thales






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