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Decon Box - Who Has One?

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I've got a pretty good supply, at the Army surplus store a couple blocks from me. I'm heading over, probably tomorrow, to pick a couple up for another cacher. I don't know how much shipping would cost, but if you're interested, give me an e-mail. Last time I was in, decons were about $1 each.

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I agree that they aren't true micros, but I call them micros just so people know not to bring big things to put inside.


I used to get them at Rangersurplus.com for $1.20 each, but now they're asking almost $4 apiece. Are they out of their everlovin' minds? I bought 10 off IV Warrior at an event. Now buck each, that's reasonable. Heck I'd even pay $2, but $4 :lol:

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You can purchase Decon Cannisters from RANGER SURPLUS for $3.99. The word on the street is that due to supply and demand, the price has gone up. They measure 4"x2"x2".


That may be the "word on the street" (actually it was the word I got from RS's customer service desk) but they tripled their price a year ago and I've since found them elsewhere for as little as a buck each. I haven't bought one from RS.COM since they jacked up up their price, but I still have a steady supply. Either 1) geoachers gave them a sudden spurt in sales and they tried to cash in, or 2) they have a very bad buyer.

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