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Mapsoure Map File Sizes...

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I'm curious about the file sizes for different Mapsource products. (GPS memory considerations)


I own Mapsource Topo and know nothing of the others...so for comparison let's use Los Angeles.


In Mapsource Topo the LA map is 10.3mb. What size is it in Metroguide?


San Francisco is 652kb.


These are county maps, BTW. I'm not sure if Metroguide uses county boundaries or not. - JamesJM

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In CitySelect v4 the greater LA area, extending north to about Santa Clarita, south to San Juan Capistrano and east to about I-15 is about 28 MB. This is 11 maps. The LA map is 2.8 MB and covers the area from Glendale on the west to Arcadia on the east, Huntington Park on the south and a bit north of Mt Wilson on the north.


The San Francisco map is 3.23 MB and also includes Berkely, Tiburon, etc.

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Ok, I screwed up, I gave you Mapopolis file sizes....sorry. But thanks for the info...I can probably figure it out from what you gave me.


Reason I'm asking this, by the way, is from another thread where someone, (forget who), said the Topo's files were not as large as others. "Hmmm", I thought. Could be, but I wasn't sure. - JamesJM

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