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I live in Lancaster, PA and had enjoyed some caching in the past few weeks, due to some good weather. Yesterday I woke up to 3" of fresh snow, and it is supposed to snow three more times in the next week. I'm sick of it B) . 3" of snow is nothing compared to earlier in the winter (don't want you to think I'm a baby), I just prefer to cache when I can actually see the ground, and the themometor is above freezing.


I want spring, click click. I want spring, click, click. I want spring, click click. Oh well, it worked for Dorthory :lol:

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Well Eastern Ontario missed the lastest storm. I'm going out again tomorrow because the snow has a crust I can walk on, everywhere, and I'm going to place a cache in a spot that will become a 4.5 (or worse) once the white stuff melts.

I can't wait to get out tomorrow <_<

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Honestly, I enjoy caching in the winter as much, if not more than in the summer. Think about it, no bugs, no mud, quiet trails, and caches normally rated a 2 easily become a 3. As for the cold, you just dress for the occasion. Try doing that in the summer and you get charged for indecent exposure <_< Tried caching on skis this winter and loved it. Was able to do an island cache that is normally only accessible by boat. But not once in my winter caches did I come home covered in mud or mosquito bites. Of all the seasons spring has to be the worse. Went out last weekend came home covered in mud had to bath the dogs to get the 5 pounds or so of dirt off of them and the inside of my truck looks like the aftermath of a Friday night at the mud wrestling pits. Hmmm give me winter anytime. Bring it on!


Happy Caching!



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Wow! Logger, I had the EXACT same thought, while caching in the Niagara peninsula last Sunday. I swear! I was walking down a hill, very, very carefully, when I thought, "Now I know how and where mud-wrestling was invented!" :D I've had a lot of fun, as well as a lot of frustration, with winter caching and I certainly didn't enjoy the mud-heavy boots, this weekend, either. Since I started so late in the year, last year, I have yet to experience the hell of mosquito-season caching and I am not looking forward to that at all. <_<

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Just wanted to add a note to my *JOKE* above!


If anybody lives on the East Coast and is grumbling, I've seen pictures and you all have my best wishes at heart.


It's the whiners in the Kitchener area that I'm poking fun at and anyone else with similar circumstances. March 5th was 18 degrees and beautiful. Since then we've received trace amounts of snow, cold temperatures and one small snow storm!


I love it!



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