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this might be a question better suited to a ham board, but I'm logged on here right now so here goes.


I'm interested in putting together a gprs system for the car (and possibly mobile) but with no identifiable digipeters in the area (Portland Maine) I'm pretty much wasting my time, right?

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I meant APRS. sorry, my typo. <_< Too many acronyms...

I was wondering why you mentioned "digipeater".....


Well, anyone within simplex range will pick you up. Off hand it looks like the closest linked digipeater is in New Hampshire. The real test would be to monitor 144.39MHz and see if you hear anything.


Of course if your willing and have a full-time internet connection, you can probably set up a digitpeater.

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There may be some digipeaters in the area. Keep watching the raw packets going by. It you heard a station through a digipeater the station call should have a * next to it. Most digipeaters have a alias set to "relay" or "wide". If you send your position through path "relay,wide" it may get picked up. If there are no digipeaters in your area, then by all means use your station as a digipeater. My APRS setup is running UI-View. I happen to be the local digipeater and I-Gate. I'm pretty green at this APRS stuff myself, but figure the setup was pretty easy. <_<



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There is an APRS digipeater within "the sound of your voice" - that is, within the Portland ME area - run by N1PGH, it is at 43-51.09N, 070-19.66W and serving as a WIDE3-3 node in the Gray ME area. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me at kb1ksm@bitpath.org

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