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What Is A Bag Of 10 Essentials?

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I've seen references to it but have no idea what it should contain.  Can anyone help me out?


Check out the other active thread: The GeoCaching 10 essentials:

Geo 10


Maybe the Hiking 10 Essentials.


The 10 Essentials

* 1. Map

* 2. Compass

* 3. Flashlight / Headlamp

* 4. Extra Food

* 5. Extra Clothes

* 6. Sunglasses

* 7. First-Aid Kit

* 8. Pocket Knife

* 9. Waterproof Matches

10. Firestarter (sometimes listed with Matches)

* 11. Water / Filter / Bottles

12. Whistle

13. Insect Repellents or Clothing

14. Sunburn Preventatives (sometimes listed with sunglasses)


Stared Items are the 10 essentials, the others are ones that show up as additions to the list, or occasionally to replace one of the basic "essential items" (side comment: Why is it that almost all the "10 Essentials lists" have about 14-15 items?)


This is probably one of the most common lists, but others have there twists:

NW Hiker

the GORP 10

The Google hits


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Two notes.

First, the trash bag can also be used as a way to keep you warm. By placingthe trash bag over you, and if you carefully light a small candle well away from the trash bag inside with you, the candle will keep you very warm. Even without the candle, the trash bag will hold in a lot of heat.


I have been working with the Monroe County Search and Rescue Team in Indiana for over 5 years now, and after joining the team I had recieved my 1st GPSr as a Christmass present (well before Geocaching was even possible). So, take my second hint with a grain of salt.


Second. Don't get me wrong. A map and compass are essential to survival if you get lost, but even more important is the knowledge of how to use a map and compass together. You may have a map and compass with you, but if you have no clue how to read a map or how to use a compass with it, they will PROBABLY do you no good what-so-ever. It is possible that if you at least know how to read a map, not knowing how to use a compass with it could still get you out. So, word of advice is, learn how to read a map, but even if you don't know how to read one, take one with you. It could come in handy.

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Funny, I always see sunglasses and sunscreen on the 10 essentials list, but they are probably the last things I'd ever bring along hiking. I guess when hiking above treeline, or in deserts they may be essential, but in northeastern forests I've never seen a need for them.

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Hellooo Thereee..


If you want a kit of the 10 essentials Adventure Medical Kits sells 2 different kits

also aeromedix.com sells a personal survival kit. Have one on order.


Leemann Cache you later... :lol:

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In no particular order here's my top ten essentials: :rolleyes:


Number Ten: Flashlight

Number Nine: Leatherman tool

Number Eight: Extra Batteries

Number Seven: Cell phone

Number Six: A rain jacket and sweatshirt or fleece jacket

Number Five: Water

Number Four: Extra socks

Number Three: Extra shirt

Number Two: Sandwiches


(Drumroll) Aaaand the number one essential I carry with me is ................a windproof lighter.

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Speaking of bees. . . .


My first aid kit include 2 Epi-pen injectors for treating someone who has severe allergies to bees or other things that could send them into anaphalaxic (sp?) shock.


Anyone carrying a serious first aid kit should have one of these, IMO. I have no known severe allergies, but I carry it as a good samaritan for the person on the trail who will need it.


I once was able to give a tube of glucose to a diabetic with very low blood sugar on the trail.


I have several other specialized medications for my backcountry first aid kit: pills for altitude sickness and just a couple of perscription pain killers to comfort someone who breaks a bone, etc.


Most family doctors will be happy to perscribe such things if you explain that you are preparing an emergency first aid kit.

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