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Difference In City Select 5 And Mapsource?

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I got the auto nav kit w my 60CS. It came with 2 CDs:


1 - City Select North America v5

1- (Cover/sleeve:) Mapsource Setup guide (CD label:) City Select v2.01


Do I have to install both? I think I understand what the City Select v5 is, but am unsure what the Mapsource CD is for. Do I need it to comunicate with the 60CS?


I'm TRYING to figure this new hobby out! :ph34r:


Good thing I don't need the unlock codes - that looks kinda confusing too! :D


Thanks to all.



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Well, I certainly thought I understood all that, from long ago. I've used Mapsource Topo and Metroguide products with my Vista for years, and done the install(s) on a couple of computers, and even upgraded Mapsource along the way (I was running 5.4 w/ Metroguide and Topo).


So, my 60CS arrives today, complete with auto-routing kit... and I'm stuck. Unlike Pat, I didn't receive a "Mapsource" setup CD, per se. My City Select v5 includes two CDs - disk 1 and disk 2 of the North America product. So far, so good...


Until I try to install. At EVERY attempt, setup chugs for a few seconds, then throws a dialog box:


"Severe: Please start this data CD install from the setup CD." The installshield wizard continues, and reports "The wizard was interrupted before MapSource - North America City Select v5 could be completely installed".


HUH? At first, I thought it might be related to the fact that I've got existing Mapsource products installed. Closer inspection showed that I was running Mapsource 5.4 (upgraded via garmin.com), while the City Select CD indicates version 5.02.


So, after several attempts, reboots, etc - I finally decided to de-install all existing Mapsource products (Metroguide and Topo). One more reboot, and ran setup on City Select again... NO DICE. :D


I've already sent an email to Garmin with all these same details, after poring over their FAQ and support pages. I can find no mention of this problem. I don't know if it's relevant, but my OS is Windows XP Pro SP1. I'm at a total loss - wondering if anyone else might have exerpienced this problem?


Thanks in advance for any insight...


(aka SnoWake)

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I did finally figure it out! :D


My auto nav kit came with:

1 disk- Mapsource v 2.01

2 disks - City select v5

DC power adapter

2 mounts (bean bag and glue on kind)


Is that what you got?


My 60CS also came with a waypoint manager CD, that I have never used. :P


I have win98 at home and XP pro at work - no problems installing on both (once my Geocaching friends helped! :D )


I did have to start with the Mapsource CD tho?


Good luck,


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Much thanks, Pat. That'll learn me to behave like a kid on Christmas!


So, I had the two City Select CDs, and the "Trip and Waypoint Manager" CD bundled with the 60CS... but somehow I had overlooked the Mapsource setup CD (you know, the one inside of a folder labeled "Mapsource Setup Guide - Start Here"! :D


So, I'm a dork, but at least now, thanks to Pat - I'm all set!


I KNEW this community could answer my question quicker than Garmin. :P

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