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Aland/åland Isles/islands

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Like many autonomous or self-governing areas in the world, also Åland has it's own listing in Geocaching.com. I'm fully ok with that, but began to think if Aland Isles is the correct name for the area.


First I looked what MOT dictionaries have to say on the matter:

Ahvenanmaa s, Åland / Aland (Islands)

Åland Islands Ahvenanmaa (maant).

Ahvenanmaa Åland Islands

The dictionary consensus was with Islands instead of Isles. In addition, it seemed that Åland could well be spelled with capital Å instead of A, which, however, should be fully ok too.


I also tried comparing, which is more popular in the internet, islands, or isles:

"aland isles"

(120 results)




"aland islands"

( 15 600 results)

Finally, I compared the capital letter:

"Åland islands"

( 15 900 results)




"Aland islands"

( 15 600 results)

So it seems that Islands should be preferred, and it wouldn't hurt to use capital Å either.


And no, this all isn't very important. :D

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