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Map of personal finds - possible?


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Originally posted by Tradboy:

Is it possible to create a map with indications of all the caches an individual user has found? Something like the format of Buxley's Geocaching Waypoints.....

Yes it possiable, but Im not quite how... icon_frown.gif

But, I would like to that gc.com used to have such a thing. Heres what 'my map' looked like at one point in time22008_1900.jpg But that feature was turned off due to problems (reliability?). However, if you hang around long enough, TPTB will probly get it working again, but not till a few other projects (new site changeover for one) get completed. Until then, if you want something like that you'll have to do it yourself.



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Sure this is possible. That's one of the features of CacheMaps. It creates overview maps of all caches you select from your own list. It keeps status. It creates clickable maps as you desire.

It give you the opportunity to instantly access 20 differtent online maps.

And many more!


Version 3.1 is just out now.






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With a mixture of software, Freeware and Shareware I have this map.




Pocket Queries





And of course Plucker to get it into my PDA



As always, the above statements are just MHO.


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