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Gsak To Pda?

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Can anyone explain to me in plain english (read "I'm a computer idiot") how to get caches from GSAK to my PDA? I want to be able to seperate cache types without running seperate PQs.

First tip is to let us know what type of PDA you have. They basically fall into two categories, palm and Pocket Pc. The instructions are different for each.

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It's a Palm Zire 21.

OK, I'm a pocket Pc man myself, so I will hand ball this on to others. Basically, you need to generate the HTML pages from GSAK (this I can help with if you need more info), then use Plucker or Isolo to build a file you can use on the Palm.


Not strictly using HTML, but another popular option is to use CacheMate (US $7). GSAK also supports direct generation of CacheMate pdb files.


Edited to add info in CacheMate

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...and an alternative to cmconvert:


1. In GSAK, export to html.


2. Aim Plucker at the index page in the html folder.


3. Synch your Zire.


Getting Plucker configured can be a little tricky, but it's easy to use once it's set up. One advantage it offers is that you can put other web content on your PDA (I like to do weekly downloads of Slate.com). If you decide to go the Plucker route and need help, ask and we'll be happy to help.

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Many thanks to all who replied.

Especially NonniPoppy (who actually walked my DUMBa** thru on the phone).

I can now take my PQ, drop it into GSAK, separate by cache type, container size, etc., create individual files for all and load into the PDA in separate catagories.

Then shoot the whole thing from GSAK into the GPS.

If I sound anal about orginization, I have accomplished my goal.

Great program ClydeE!!!

Thanks again to all.

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