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Email A Photo For Virtual Verification

Grand High Pobah
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How do I upload a photo to verify a virtual when there are specific requirements that photos not appear in the log? When a textual verification is needed for a virtual, I know that I can click on the profile hyperlink from the cache page, then click on "send an email" and type in the text into the email for verification. But what do I do when a photo is required? There doesn't seem to be a button or hyperlink to "upload image" or the equivalent. I tried sending a text message as described above with the "Send a copy to my email" checked so I could see their email address but apparently they are protecting their email address. Anybody got any ideas?

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There may be a more sophisticated method, but this is all I can come up with.

Send 'em an email explaining the trouble you're having. They can respond with an email address (or not) or tell you what alternative method they prefer.

You might also post an image on your own web page (if ya got one) and send them the link via email.

I don't know of any method for attaching images to the Groundspeak email system.

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Yes, log the cache and upload your photo to your log. The owner will receive email letting him/her know someone logged it. They can then check on the log and make sure the pic is correct. If it is, then everything is cool. If not, then they can just delete your log.

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