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Jamie Z

Found It = Didn't Find It

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20 hours ago, Isonzo Karst said:

Nous enregistrons cette cache comme trouvée puisqu'elle était disparue avec l'ouragan Irma lors de notre longue recherche sur la berge. 


A find log, posted  days after the missing cache was archived.  Must be a lot of work, following your DNFs around to see if/when the cache gets archived so that you can come back and log a find.  I wonder if user specializes in caches archived by reviewer? ie, no active owner to delete the found after archive log? 

Sounds like the "now deleted" find logs on another cache that was mentioned in another recent thread.  And in the same language.

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A nano on a bench seat


Found itFound it


Together with ***** I was in the beautiful rose garden.
We searched and found the bank is not there.
Since the cache is not disabled, we log a found it.

icon_smile_wink.gif Greetings from Germanyicon_smile_wink.gif

(******** and ***** from ************)

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Found itFound it    We technically found it it was there around a year ago and they took it down.

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