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I got a call today and landed a full-time job, after being unemployed for over a year now. I am used to having all the time in the world to go caching, and looking back over just the last 365 days, I managed to find just under 400 caches. I guess I got a bit spoiled without a job to keep me from caching. That's gonna slow waaaaay down now that I have to be responsible again...dang, just when I was pumping up the "find" numbers...of all the stupid things..how DARE they offer me a job now? Can't they see I am busy caching? :unsure:


Well, at least now I can afford gas if I DO get the chance to go caching... :lol:


Anyone else having their geocaching time taken away from them lately?

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Bummer Dude......

I hope you have taken advantage of your time off to make enough signature items to get you by for a while. I was looking forward to you leaving some in our neck of the woods when you come back to Laughlin. IF you ever come back.

So long buddy....

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Congrats on the job. AND congrats on being able to survive for a year without a job. I'd need to bulk up my savings a bit to manage a year with no paycheck.


But ain't responsiblity a b***h.


And on the topic of having caching taken away. That will happen shortly as I'm having foot surgery in about a week and a half. I will be out of commission for many weeks so I plan on squeezing in a few caches before then. And I was just getting started at this geocaching thing. Bummer for you and me both.


I will probably be getting my "caching fix" here on the boards for quite some time, living vicariously through all your adventures.


Congrats again, hope it goes well.



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Congrats on the job but condolences on the cut of geocaching time. I just recently became employed again after 7 months off. It was nice but when the funds start to run low, I needed to work. I really racked up some good numbers in those 7 months. What's nice is that I work afternoons so I've been able to cache a little before work if I get up early enough. SO, welcome back to the workforce. I'm sure you will find a way to keep caching regularly! I did!! ;)

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I'm assuming you spent the last year doing the 400 caches that were closest to your house. Now, when you're limited on time, you can't just do 1 every day after work or during your lunch break because the nearest cache that hasn't been found is a 30 minute drive away, right? Man, work sucks! ;) Here's hoping that some new ones will be placed in your area soon!

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Congrats and condolences. But this could be your golden opportunity.


Yes it will cut into your geocaching time, but think of what a god send this it. You can make use of their supplies to make up signature items. You could become Mr. Swingline. A stapler in every cache. Or better yet, make up caches to hide using their stuff. You can probably get away with this for 90 days or so. You will be collecting a pay check to make caches to hide, to create your sig item, and don't forget those LONG lunch breaks.


Steal stuff from work. It's the duty of the oppressed worker.


Just think, by the time they catch up with you, you could have hundreds of caches all ready to be hidden, and an awesome sig item that they paid you to make. Then when you are once again out of work, you have all those sig items and caches to hide. It's a gold mine. ;)



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B)  Oh no, Are you still gonna make it to Vegas this weekend??  B)

We hope this does not cut into those plans, as we were looking forward to meeting you.


Congratulations on being a gainful tax-payer again. :P


Shirley & John

Oh, I will most definitely be there! I already put my foot down on this weekend with the newbie employer. I guess they have a lot to learn...they were so ready to start me tomorrow (Friday), but I had to shut them down right away with "I already had plans and I will be outta town, so let's make it Monday for the start date". B)


Had to let 'em know I have my priorities straight! :P


Yea, gee, thanks for reminding me about them taxes.... ;)

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I hear ya 360! I haven't found a cache since last summer. Promised to redue the house, little did I know what I was in for! A TOTAL gut and remodel. It took me a whole week just to do the crown moulding in the new kitchen! GRRRRR... B) But it looks great, what a pain! AnyHoo, (blatantly stolen from Geo-ho, umm...is Mopar outta the icu yet?)


My GF is on my butt to stop working constantly and get the hell outta the house! She want's to see the passion of the christ this weekend and I'm plotting a cache or two along the route! :P Home Depot is about a half mile away from the theater so maybe after the movie we can spend the night picking out trim wood! ;) SWEET JESUS, I need a life! I think I'm gonna be single soon! B):P

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Home Depot is about a half mile away from the theater so maybe after the movie we can spend the night picking out trim wood!  ;)

If you go to HD for lumber, you will be picking thru it. Check my log and this cache...


Luckily, there was a cache there so the trip wasn't completely wasted.


Oh yeah, to keep this post on-topic, got the call today and I'm going back to a "real job" after 9 sweet months off.

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(Sigh) Yeah, I was out of work and boyfriendless, which gave me tons of time to find caches . . . then Mopar came along. We cache together as often as we can but we're often to busy doing other stuff. Then I got a job and now my caching is down to every other weekend with one or two caches thrown in the middle somewhere.


Oh well!


Gotta do stuff and gotta pay the bills . . . something's gotta give sometimes.



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Gee 360, I always thought you were independently wealthy! ;)


With todays government I am afraid to be out of work. In NJ they'll throw your a** in jail if you cannot make your child support payment and maintain health insurance, but first they suspend your drivers license. That does a lot of good, eh? B)


Kar of TS!!

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