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i am waiting for the canadian topo software to come out (mid april?) so i have a few questions about topo software. (anyone have any info on the canadian version)


i assume you have to be able to view the maps on your pc before loading into your gps, but can you use the maps in your pc? what i mean is can you plot a route from your gps to the maps & see them on the pc? and vice versa... plot a route on pc & send to the gps? can you insert text boxes over the maps in the pc? can you print the maps?


i'm also wondering about using the software with a legend. i don't have a gps yet but i'm considering the legend. i know that it has 8mb of memory & that you can store 1000 waypoints, x amount of routes, etc...but does loading map software onto them decrease the # of waypoints & routes, or would the # of waypoints & routes you have on the gps, limit the amount of mapping software that could be loaded? or are the waypoints & routes stored in different memory? does the topo software use more memory then the map source software?


any help would be greatly appreciated.



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The answer to all of your questions in the 2nd paragraph is yes - EXCEPT for editing text boxes, you cannot do that.


The 8MB mapping memory is only for the maps. Route, waypoints and tracks are stored separately. All of Garmin's map software is MapSource brand. There are many different MapSource titles - Topo, MetroGuide, City Select, WorldMap, etc. Different titles will have different levels of map details, so they will have a different amount of area that will fit into the GPSr's memory. You can fit about 70% of South America into 8MB if using WorldMap maps. If you're loading MetroGuide maps, then you cannot fit all of Washington, DC into 8MB. Part of MetroGuide's map detail is used for Points of Interest and addressing information - restaurants, museums, stores, etc. - And the MetroGuide maps show much greater detail as far as secondary and residential streets.

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Will garmin version 3.20 topo maps load onto the new 60cs?

it should. the version number shown is for the Mapsource software, not the map data. On Garmin's site, you can update the Mapsouce software to 5.4 (I think that's the current version) and if you run the Topo maps, there's also a Topo specific update.

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