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Favorite Indy Caches


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I'm going to be in Indianapolis for a week later this month. What caches are on your "do not miss list"?


I know this is way off topic, but does anyone know of a sports bar that caters to college hockey fans? I really, really want to watch the Hockey East Tournamet on the 20th on NESN.

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I live in Indy, Eagle Creek Park has 4 or 5 caches (park has a $4.00 entrance fee) It is a nice BIG park. There are also many caches around the area.

I will look into some more areas when I get home.

What part of town will you be in or near?

I will think about the sports bar and get back with you, Indy is not a big hockey town.


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I'll be staying right downtown at N39° 45.909' W86° 9.502' . I won't have a car, but may try to rent a bike, if posible. I also wnn't have enough time for an all day multi, but would have plenty of time to solve a puzzle.


Thanks for the suggestions so far. I'm not much of a city person, being from Maine, but I always like to take advantage of what's around.

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I'm definately going to do the clock, that just sounds cool. I'm too curious to miss the space buffalos. I might just leave the few remaining counties to someone more attached to Indiana, but I;ll check it out anyway. Might make a great DNF :blink: And, who knows...

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