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"nice Thread But Not About Geocaching"


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I've noticed that the admins, who generally do an exemplary job, are often quick to lock threads that are not related to geocaching. If users are interested in discussing a subject what is the harm in having the occasional non-geocaching topic? Offending geocaching purists? Server bandwith?


Our community is big enough and interesting enough that I would often be genuinely interested to hear what fellow members think about certain things that are not related to geocaching. If I don't want to read about the loony lady that tried to pass a $1 million bill (for example) I can simply not open the thread.


It doesn't really bother me, and on a scale of 1-10 in importance it's probably a 2, but I am curious what the answer is and what others think. Hmm, I think this topic is related to geocaching.


I sure hope this topic doesn't propel me into the Land of the Warned...

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If users are interested in discussing a subject what is the harm in having the occasional non-geocaching topic? Offending geocaching purists? Server bandwith?

It has been discussed several times. The owner of the site wants it that way. Moderators just follow what "the frog" asks us to do.

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If you look at the Forum Guidelines linked at the top of the page, there's a paragraph about staying on topic, which reads:


Keep on topic: Responses to a particular thread should be on-topic and pertain to the discussion. Users should use the New Topic button to start a new discussion which would otherwise be off-topic in the current thread. Threads that are off topic may be closed by the moderator.


The topic of this particular forum is "General Geocaching Discussions." That means that the subject of the thread has to have some relation to geocaching, GPS use, etc. The Million Dollar Bill topic had a very slight relationship to caching because some people leave these items in caches. But when the topic strayed from that slim connection, it was closed per the forum guidelines.


There are many ways to share off-topic discussions with other geocachers, because it's only natural to want to talk about other things with people that share our common interest. One is to follow the link to ClayJar's #geocache chat channel, which is often/usually VERY off topic. Another is to post at a different forum like woodsters where off-topic posts are welcome under the rules of THAT forum.


As for this forum, Jeremy's stated goal is to get people outdoors finding caches and enjoying the game... not to be huddled up in an internet community. He sees the forum as a place to get questions answered and to discuss ideas that enhance that primary goal.


Even within this forum, the moderators attempt to achieve some sort of a reasonable balance to keep things light and friendly. First, the Abject Silliness thread is always available for off-topic posting. There, the moderators only monitor for foul language, inappropriate images, personal attacks, etc. Second, the occasional off-topic post within a thread that is about geocaching is tolerated... and is welcomed, if it's funny. Third, we try to bend the rules occasionally, like for a "Have a nice holiday" thread that will spring up on major holidays.


I hope that this answers your question about how the moderators follow the Forum Guidelines. If you do a search, you will find *much* prior debate about the topic of being off-topic. :unsure:

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Hmmm, I guess I could go with the automatic response that goes something like "there would be too many potentially offensive topics," or "the admins are taxed for time already with the limits in place," but that would be insincere of me because I'm not personally concerned about those. (no offense admins, I applaud your work, I just wouldn't be personally impacted)


In trying to consider your proposal with an open mind, I find that I don't see that much wrong with it except. . . well, these forum can be dificult to sift through as it is. I guess if a people check them every day they can be manageable, but I check them every two or three days, and I am swamped with info. (and yes, I am talking about just reviewing the topics, not reading every entry.)


So, no big constructed argument here, just my two cents that says I come here for geocaching chats and I am glad I don't have to wade through every other kind of topic to find them.

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