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Stay at home, geocaching moms.

Team Boogidy

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I'm new to geocaching, and am really excited about it. Alas I have a problem, I have my GPS, and would love to get out there, but have no one to go with except for my 2 yr old. My husband works and is remodeling our kitchen, nights and weekends. And when I tell my friends about it they just kinda get that ,HUH??? look on their faces...

Are there any other stay at home moms in this area who geocache???? icon_smile.gif


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So bring the toddler. I have a 17-month old, and work 3 days a week. Most of my caching takes place on Thursdays and Fridays, when Mr evilrooster is at work. I tend to take evilroostr jr in a backpack, but many 1-star caches could be done with your toddler in a stroller. Call it an adventure and bring a box of raisins and you can take a toddler practically anywhere.


Then when s/he gets bigger, you'll have an enthusiastic companion and partner in caching. Your husband will be the one to feel left out - he may even start asking to come along.



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1. Take the kid with you! I just did one last week with my five month old boy. We had fun, though I won't tell mom where the cache was found - I might get in trouble.


2. Post this question in the West Coast forum. I think you are also looking for an adult companion with like interests. There may be a better reponse from those forums as some people can't be bothered by the general forums with their endless debates. Or invite a friend you know, and invite them on a walk with the kids - just plan the walk near a geocache. Your walking along, and then, "Oh by the way, let's get this cache nearby."

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I drag my 10 month old and 3 yr old along on all my caches! They love going on "treasure hunts" & the 3 yr old gets to pick the trade items. I also started out solo, but my hubby soon got the geocaching bug & I even had to change our profile name! (Was Mother Gootz, now Team Gootz)


Good Luck & Happy Caching! Time to go, baby's waking up from his nap!



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Mine are now 3 & 5, and we've been caching over a year. Sometimes it's a LOT of work for Mom (me), but it beats staying home!


We've got lots of caches placed in community type parks, places of interest or small regional parks where the hike isn't too far - they can pretty much handle those.


Also, for longer hikes, I use a Trek Transport - its a bike trailer that converts to a "jogger" or hiking buggy as I call it. Have taken it over some pretty wild terrain on some LONG hikes. The kids walk or ride at their pace, and meanwhile the buggy holds the caching backpack, water bottles, fishing poles, etc. Good luck!

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Is it a sign that you've been reading too many strong opinions on the forums if the first time you read the subject line on this thread you saw it as a suggestion rather than a description?


For the record, I think geocaching moms have as much right to get out of the house as anyone and anyone who thinks otherwise is a doodyhead. icon_smile.gif



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I cache with my kids (4 and 6). I understand that your child is a bit younger but I think it is still doable. Either easier caches, or put him in a hiking style backpack carrier and go for it.


I started off calling it "treasure hunting" and "looking for a treasure chest" and only recently have I started to refer to it as a "cache". The boys have lots of fun picking out small items of their own to trade and then going through cache contents trying to figure out what they want. I just have to supervise and make sure they are not being too destructive or conspicuous.


Also, keep trying to get friends interested. My cousin seemed highly skeptical about caching, but went with my kids and me to a cache and got hooked!


Good luck!



Becky Davis

San Jose, CA

Cache 'n' carry... My 4 year old!

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Originally posted by pater47:

guess it's just the placement of that comma!



What is also wrong is the "stay at home". Since that phrase is being used as an adjectival modifier of "moms", it should be hyphenated:


Stay-at-home geocaching moms





Wendy Chatley Green


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