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Calculating Area

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I have a friend who is wanting to figure out the area (in acres) of a plot of land. He has the 4 coords that he needs, but no idea on how to figure it. I plugged the coords in my Legend to see if the area calculator would work, but I couldn't select waypoints to figure.


Does anyone know of a software that could be used to calculate this area?

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I'm sure there is software out there. All COGO (coordinate geometry) programs have the function. I don't know if there are any that work directly with geographic coordinates (Latitude and longitude).


You'll probably have to convert to rectangular coordinates. Easy enough using a Geographic/UTM converter.


The formula is simple to program into any spreadsheet program and for an area with just four corners it's easy enough to do by hand with a calculator. The formula is in my post in this thread.


BTW there are approx. 4047 square meters in an acre.

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