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Anybody Use Murs For Geocaching ?

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I would think that being on VHF and with no restrictions on external antennas, you would get more range outdoors than FRS or FRS/GMRS, which would be great for geocaching.


No license required and R.K.Leef has 2 watt handhelds on sale for $55. Just click on the link for information and look under Topaz.

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Hmm, doesn't look like it. =)


MURS is relatively new on the market for consumers, and while really neat and inexpensive, I know enough people using Amateur Radio, FRS and GMRS that it wouldn't be a good move right now.


I have two HT's that are 5 watt capable, and about 20-30 repeaters within a 50 miles radius that I can easily reach almost anywhere within that circle.


If more people move to it, it may be a good idea to purchase one then, right now, nah...


Todd - K7PKT

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Hello, bnolan, hope you are well?

Ok so you want to have some communications with you when you cache hunt??

Or all the time? Have you thought about studying and getting your Amateur Radio License and you can have one with you all the time. it's does not matter what you do or where you go, you will probally, most of the time be around someones repeater system. Now after you have Tech license, you can operate a radio with in the Law and reg's that your Tech license covers.


Now for Example, when I go out, I look at the whole area and make sure who has what up and on what freq. I have a cross band radio and I have a dual band Hand held radio that I use with the cross band radio. So I set up a freq to cross band into the freq something like UHF into VHF,,,, You cant go VHF into VHF then you will be Illegal. So while you think about doing the FRS or Murs thing which is ok, because everybody in my household is not a HAM, so we use the frs some but mainly I have the Radio in my truck set up as back up.


Hope you are seeing the picture.

Plus one more big advantage is Range around here all we get is maybe on a good day 1/2 to maybe 3/4 mile because of our terrain.

With the Repeater system you will be talking thru, you will have 30 mile Range or maybe some could be even 50 miles !!!


So thats something else to think about.


It's Fairly simple to find out about a Ham Radio club in your area and then go to a meeting and meet some of the locals and find out more about it.


After you get your Tech license, you can have a HT or Mobil Radio in your vehicle all the time not just when you go out caching but all the time.


Good luck to you and If you need some advice talk to Cadence, she got her ticket and I bet she is enjoying it a bunch !!!! ask Her


Good Hunting




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Ehh, hmmm. Hehehe, Cadence is our Geocaching handle - that is, mine and my lovely XYL's.


I'm Todd - or OddTodd in Geocaching terminology - and my callsign is K7PKT.


My lovely wife (CheleBell) has not yet studied for her technician license, but believe me, I'm working at wearing her down! She at least has the book at the head of the bed.


Please do get your Technician license, it's a 35 question Multiple-Gues..ahem Choice test. The book to buy is called "Now You're Talking!" and covers history, technology, mathematics, usable bands - and the question pool is at the back. There are also many online resources to help you along with studying for your exam.


It's an awesome hobby, well worth your time if you're willing.


OddTodd of Cadence - K7PKT

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O Sorry about , "My lovely wife (CheleBell) has not yet studied for her technician license, but believe me, I'm working at wearing her down! She at least has the book at the head of the bed." I knew one of you had your license... O my Fault but maybe this will help you convince Her to get hers.


Real Sorry about that. I really think the other fellow would enjoy his Amateur Radio, If he obtains his Tech License.



Happy Hunting and Please forgive me





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