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Cache Containers In The Dog Toy Aisle At Walmart

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Someone posted a thread recently about Walmart and Kmart needed a Geocaching Aisle. I think the whole store (any store) ends up being a Cacher's paradise if you use your imagination...and a few other sharper tools. :bad:


A few weeks ago my wife gave me that look ( :rolleyes: ) when I picked up a dog toy at Walmart. We don't have a dog, but I saw the possibilities. After taking an exacto knife to it and inserting a Decon box we have this:




Hide the end with the lid under some cover and it blends in pretty well as just another rock. It's not flawless, but then again, I'm not a total sadist.


The nice thing also is, when you flip it over, you get this:




Keep this one quiet...don't tell any of my locals! :)




P.S. Oh yeah, when you get it from Walmart it looks like this:




Just cut the ropes and go from there. Have fun!

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yeah I have about 3 of those. My dogs did a pretty good job cutting the ropes off for me. When I first saw them the first thing I thought of was a cache container. THen I asked myself, what could I put inside to be the real container, and where could I put this to blend in. Aorund here all of the rock is brown. I could drive an hour (which isn't far becaus the nearest wally word is 35min anyway, and put it on the mountain which has some granite that looks like that. But then I thought about fires, the moutain is Mt Lemmon, home of the Aspen FIre last summer, and thought that it probably would not hold up to a fire.

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I just hope there are no dogs that think that the cache is their TOY.


If they are like mine they will have it tore up in 10 minutes.


just a thought,

good way to train a dog too.


Good luck just poking fun.

Same here our Brittany's would be playing tug-of-war in seconds :unsure: But it's different........... Better than fake dog poop.

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