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Micro Containers

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What a coincidence! I used one of these to place a cache this weekend. They were on sale for $4 each at a local outdoors store, so I picked up a half dozen in two sizes. I'm still not sure if I trust their watertightness in the outdoors. They passed the sink test, but that isn't always a good indicator. I wasn't too thrilled with the security of the latch. If someone fails to close it just right, or if they jar it when returning the cache to its hiding spot, it would compromise the seal.


They are a nice size and the larger one was big enough to fit a logbook (a spiral bound pad cut in half), pencil and some small trade items. The smaller would fit a logbook and pencil, but that's it.


I'll give my cache a month or two out in the wild before I decide whether I'll continue to use 'em.

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I have one cache that uses one of these - it's been out for a couple of damp Scottish winters now, but I've just pulled it for maintenance. Maintenance will have to include drying out contents and replacing the container, because the original one has allowed some moisture in recently.


I reckon one can last a single wet winter without problems, but you may find that the second winter is a bit chancy. In addition to some leakage, the metal hinge pins are prone to rusting over time. I'm happy to replace the container from time to time, because it's the right one for the cache, but if you want to leave it for years on end without maintenance, maybe choose something else.


Note that you can paint them if you sand them first to give a "key".

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I used one of these for a cache I placed a couple of days ago. It's black and fades away under the rocks. REI, $7.50 I think.


You might want to add just a touch of silicone grease to the O-ring seal, especially if the continer will be in a relatively harsh environment. I added a plastic bag to mine as well, but hey... I'm paranoid.

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