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Topo maps for Garmin eTrex Vista

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Originally posted by Sandrich:

What is the best topo map to use for the Garmin eTrex Vista?


I am not sure what you are referring to about the best to use with the Vista. The only maps than can be loaded into any Garmin Etrex unit is the Mapsource Software by Garmin. Other software can be used to download too but the only maps that can be loaded into the GPSr is the Mapsource Software itself.



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I uses the Mapsource Topo... but rely more on Mapsource Roads and Rec. If you're really in a place where you need to rely on a topo map... I'd get a real paper map. The CD info/detail doesn't compare.




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Seriously, they are kind of apples and oranges. The Garmin topos are 1:100000 maps that can be loaded into the unit itself. Handy for orientation, since you can see your position directly plotted, and in relationship.


The NG CDs are the 1:24000 maps, with some enhancements in some areas (more trails marked, etc.) Very good for producing custom printed maps, with considerably more detail than the Garmin topos.


Good Luck,


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I have a Vista and have both software packages you mentioned. I bought Mapsource first so I can have the maps on my Vista to use as jfitzpat mentioned above. Later on I bought NG Topo for the 24,000 but you ought to start with the Mapsource first. Don't forget you can get a quick printout of the area you are caching in on 24,000 with Topozone on the cache page or lostoutdoors.com



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